GPP Street Team

This month Michelle has encouraged us to try paper casting. It has been a busy month at work, so I was glad for an opportunity to take a moment out to try this. I am posting my results although I am not at all happy with them. I am not sure why my results are less than expected. I used the toilet paper method because I was sure my family would not appreciate eating paper pulp with their stew! I tried to go with some of my favourite stamps.Maybe the stamps I chose were not suited to this technique? Maybe I didn’t use enough layers?? I hope I get a chance to have another go before Sat. Thanks yet again for getting us to think outside the box Michelle!!!

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I revisited atc’s for a local atc swap at our nearby stamp store. I have a few left over so let me know if you are interested in trading.

May 22, 2008. ATC's. 4 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

This weeks mission is to ART it up!!! Check out all the great entries here.

May 14, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 28 comments.

Valley Ridge

As promised, here are a couple more pics from my trip to Wisconsin.

The lovely barn where classes are held

Group picture

The diva herself at work. Spray painting no less!!

The beautiful Wisconsin countryside.

You can find some more pictures at the Valley Ridge Website. I will definitely be going back.

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Wednesday Stamper

I love this week’s theme… Diva!! You can interpret this in so many ways. Check out the variety. I have used a picture of one of of the stars of the silent film era, Louise Brooks. She was defintely a diva… a showgirl and dancer and quite saucy… I can’t explain the pink and fru fruness; I just wanted to try something different!LOL

May 8, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 23 comments.

GPP Street Team.

This month’s challenge was to cut out some stencils. I was hoping to cut some new ones but the month has flown by. So I am showing some old pages from my journals that feature a favourite stencil of mine.

On a more important note, I got to meet Michelle Ward who runs the GPP street team this weekend in Muscoda Wisconsin where she taught a workshop at the delightful Valley Ridge Art Studio. Can I just say that this was an adventure for me. I am a city gal and this place is way out in farmland. I was enthralled by the beauty of the surroundings; the utter quiet away from the city. The host and hostess Bill and Kathy Malkasian are absolutely delightful people and so gracious. They catered to our every whim and I had a blast. Michelle absolutely ROCKS and it was such a pleasure filled weekend. She is so down to earth and so enthusiastic in sharing her fabulous art and teaching some of her awesome techniques. Spray painting could not have been more of a heady pleasure; watching the queen in action was just awesome!!! I would do it over again and again it was so much fun. If you are searching for an intimate way of taking classes where you can absolutely immerse yourself in your art in such beautiful surroundings Valley Ridge is the place to go. You will not be disappointed. I will post some pics later….. the school run beckons. Talk about back to earth with a thud.

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Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is quite a bit of fun. Stripes! Check out all the cool entries at Wednesday Stamper.

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Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is very appropiate for spring; insects and bugs. I hate creepy crawlies but have always loved butterflies. The fad for butterflies showing up everywhere seems to have faded but I still enjoy seeing them in mixed media pieces.

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At last! Some time to play. Playtime is so important. It balances my crazy week. Have you had some playtime today, this week, this month??

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I made this postcard for a lovely young lady who is one of my friend’s daughter who is going through a very difficult time with medical issues. I hope it puts a smile on her face. What put a smile on your face today, this week, this month?

April 21, 2008. Postcards, Uncategorized. 10 comments.

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