Thanks are in order to my good pal Belinda who awarded me the Blogging Friends Forever Award. I really appreciate it since my blog has been severely neglected of late. Hopefully when summer rolls up its last sleeve and gives way to Fall things will get less crazy.

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At last! Some time to play. Playtime is so important. It balances my crazy week. Have you had some playtime today, this week, this month??

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I made this postcard for a lovely young lady who is one of my friend’s daughter who is going through a very difficult time with medical issues. I hope it puts a smile on her face. What put a smile on your face today, this week, this month?

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on a jet plane, don’t know when i’ll be back again……..

Off to the sunny bahamas. Back in a week!

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You can’t help but notice it will soon be valentine’s day. Rather than fight it, i decided to embrace the whole concept and made a postcard based on Hanna’s suggestion.


Valentine’s day is always special in my house because my husband’s birthday is also on Valentine’s day. Good job his name is not Valentine!!

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National letter writing week

Apparently I didn’t get the memo either. Check out Michelle’s post about letter writing. Don’t you agree it is a lost art. I even missed Laura’s letter writing party. Actually i have always liked mail art and tend not to send out naked envelopes. But this piqued my interest. I need to go back to actually writing letters with juicy content. I remember receiving letters from my mother when I was in boarding school. Mail day was the highlight of the week! Here is a postcard I made for a friend Tejae; we have started exchanging monthly postcards. Send someone a letter or postcard this week or as soon as you get a chance.


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