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This month’s challenge is to make a wax rubbing and use this as a resist. Well, I couldn’t resist (oh my, pun intended!!) and got out all my messy stuff to play with. I have played with this technique in the past and it has always been so much fun to see what pops off the page. The pattern I found was on a leather album I bought at Barnes and Noble. I used a white oil pastel and then sprayed the sheet with glimmer mist and color wash by adirondack. Here is a piece I was happy with and my challenge to myself today, is to incorporate it into a journal page, so watch out for that in a future post! Make sure you challenge yourself today!

June 23, 2008. Street Team. 13 comments.

GPP Street Team

This month Michelle has encouraged us to try paper casting. It has been a busy month at work, so I was glad for an opportunity to take a moment out to try this. I am posting my results although I am not at all happy with them. I am not sure why my results are less than expected. I used the toilet paper method because I was sure my family would not appreciate eating paper pulp with their stew! I tried to go with some of my favourite stamps.Maybe the stamps I chose were not suited to this technique? Maybe I didn’t use enough layers?? I hope I get a chance to have another go before Sat. Thanks yet again for getting us to think outside the box Michelle!!!

May 28, 2008. Street Team. 9 comments.

GPP Street Team.

This month’s challenge was to cut out some stencils. I was hoping to cut some new ones but the month has flown by. So I am showing some old pages from my journals that feature a favourite stencil of mine.

On a more important note, I got to meet Michelle Ward who runs the GPP street team this weekend in Muscoda Wisconsin where she taught a workshop at the delightful Valley Ridge Art Studio. Can I just say that this was an adventure for me. I am a city gal and this place is way out in farmland. I was enthralled by the beauty of the surroundings; the utter quiet away from the city. The host and hostess Bill and Kathy Malkasian are absolutely delightful people and so gracious. They catered to our every whim and I had a blast. Michelle absolutely ROCKS and it was such a pleasure filled weekend. She is so down to earth and so enthusiastic in sharing her fabulous art and teaching some of her awesome techniques. Spray painting could not have been more of a heady pleasure; watching the queen in action was just awesome!!! I would do it over again and again it was so much fun. If you are searching for an intimate way of taking classes where you can absolutely immerse yourself in your art in such beautiful surroundings Valley Ridge is the place to go. You will not be disappointed. I will post some pics later….. the school run beckons. Talk about back to earth with a thud.

May 7, 2008. Street Team. 8 comments.

GPP Street Team. Challenge No 18!


This month’s challenge is to cut it out!!!! Ouch. Watch out for those exacto knives. My son got a hold of my carving tool last night while my back was turned…LOL

Well, I did not let the thought of chopped fingers stop me! As everyone has said, once you start, you can’t stop. Here is my first offering.


I tried to choose something that wasn’t too challenging and since I had garden on my mind, I found this abstract pattern .

Here is it in my journal where I was just playing around with some new paint.


Watch out! I am on a mission….. Thanks yet again Michelle.

March 14, 2008. Street Team. 23 comments.

GPP Street Team


I love this month’s theme because it made me stop and think. I have been carrying around a big ol’ bag filled with everything I ever thought I might need for journaling but it was so heavy, I left it in the car or at home most of the time. So I pared it down, bought a cool looking lunchbox and filled it with the stuff I tend to use the most…. I do most of the painting and adding images at my desk and then do the writing and doodling wherever I find myself; at work, in the car waiting to pick up or drop off etc etc you get me???


It contains a few of my fave things;

Date stamp, gel pens(can one ever have too many??? mine number in the upper 40’s to 50’s), glue stick(do you have a fave? these uhu ones seem to do alright), neoart oil pastels, a few aquacolor crayons and my new inktense watercolor pencils, stapler, niji watercolor brush, black, grey and white pencils, sharpener and a pair of scissors(is there a law that states it is criminal to have more than 10 pairs???, just wondering). Last but not least is my alphabet stencil and peerless watercolor for adding background washes. I forgot my favourite of all time sharpie poster paint pens and a white correction stick.

They laugh at me at work because my colleagues are always vaguely amused when they see my ‘lunch’ box!!!!LOL

February 21, 2008. Street Team. 25 comments.

GPP Street Team


Just under the wire, but how could I not participate in another great Street Team challenge??

I must have some nomad blood running through me, because we have never really stayed in one place for very long; however moving around the globe has always seemed to be related to work; as a child it was due to my parents quest to better themselves and as an adult, that theme has continued whilst my husband and I have tried to better our children’s lot. I currently live in metropolitan Maryland in the USA, a very diverse, interesting hotch potch of cultures just outside the US capital. Here is a picture outside of my back door.


For suburban living it ain’t bad. I have lived in Philadelphia, Virginia, Lagos, but London the city of my birth is where I call home……


There is something so invigorating about London. I am told New York feels a lot like London, but I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting New York yet. I LOVE LONDON!!! I miss living there but I am fortunate enough to visit often. Everyone should see London!!!!

December 31, 2007. Street Team. 10 comments.