Street Team

This month’s challenge is to make a wax rubbing and use this as a resist. Well, I couldn’t resist (oh my, pun intended!!) and got out all my messy stuff to play with. I have played with this technique in the past and it has always been so much fun to see what pops off the page. The pattern I found was on a leather album I bought at Barnes and Noble. I used a white oil pastel and then sprayed the sheet with glimmer mist and color wash by adirondack. Here is a piece I was happy with and my challenge to myself today, is to incorporate it into a journal page, so watch out for that in a future post! Make sure you challenge yourself today!

June 23, 2008. Street Team.


  1. Michelle Ward replied:

    Tina – this is a knock-out! I love that you used white…and the washes are stunning! Can’t wait to see how you use it. Thanks for playing girl! xo

  2. JODI BARONE replied:

    This is so rich with texture and color, swirls to swoon over…I too hope to see what it will become next.

  3. Kathryn replied:

    Great idea to use a journal with a pattern in its cover. Hmmmm what leather journals do I have — oh wait, in a trunk I have a celtic patterned leather cover….waiting to be rubbed…I wonder if a magic genie will come out? Oh wait it isn’t a lantern…but maybe still I think some magic making is just waiting to happen. Keep an eye out — I will just try your idea out, soon, very soon. Thanks for the great idea. The colors of your piece are divine and I think it would make a good journal cover itself.

  4. Patti Gramza replied:

    Ooooo Tina, this is beautiful! LOVE the colors over the white! You are something sweetie!

  5. JeriAnn replied:

    Your results are rich and delicious. I’ll bet it’s even more gorgeous in reality than in the photo. Looking forward to seeing how you use it!

  6. Seth replied:

    This is so, so beautiful Tina. The color blending is fantastic!

  7. Elizabeth replied:

    this is beautiful!! I too love the white and you have inspired me to go dig out all of my glimmer mists! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!!

  8. Ulla Trallala replied:

    this is great!!!

  9. belle2create replied:

    Hi Tina,
    WOW what a beautifull colorcombination!! And those glimmermists give a stunning shimmer, YUMMIE!
    Thanks for sharing,

  10. Dawnie Thomas replied:

    Love this tina. great colours and love the rubbing in white. looks YUM

  11. Carole replied:

    I love the colors on this. I’ve never tried the technique myself. Great results you got.

  12. Marie replied:

    Fab technique with such great results! Way to go!

  13. Bev Middleton replied:

    Is it your blog that triggered an incredibly annoying little pop-up box that would not go away? Just in case, I have made a note of the name of your site so I never go near it again, which is a shame because it looks interesting.

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