GPP Street Team

This month Michelle has encouraged us to try paper casting. It has been a busy month at work, so I was glad for an opportunity to take a moment out to try this. I am posting my results although I am not at all happy with them. I am not sure why my results are less than expected. I used the toilet paper method because I was sure my family would not appreciate eating paper pulp with their stew! I tried to go with some of my favourite stamps.Maybe the stamps I chose were not suited to this technique? Maybe I didn’t use enough layers?? I hope I get a chance to have another go before Sat. Thanks yet again for getting us to think outside the box Michelle!!!


May 28, 2008. Street Team.


  1. Michelle Ward replied:

    Tina – thanks for showing us your casts! I love how you colored them. Don’t give up on casting just yet – keep looking through your bold design stamps for an image to try – or maybe another item you could use as a mold. Thanks for playing girl – especially while so busy. xo

  2. Julie Prichard replied:

    I like how your castings turned out 🙂 I had trouble too…but the process is growing on me for sure!

  3. Sarah (Flo) replied:

    I think these look pretty damn cool, personally. LOVE the black and copper. I used my food blender but honestly it was really easy to clean 🙂

  4. Sanja replied:

    fabulos work again Tina!love it!

  5. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…i think they turned out fabulous. Love the coloring on them.

  6. Ursula Clamer replied:

    These look great, I love the colours you have used. I think sometimes when we are so busy it can be hard to see the best in what we have made. Perhaps trying them on a different (possibly contrasting) colour or just seeing them with fresh eyes will bring out the beauty to you. Have fun playing.

  7. Julie replied:

    They look great…don’t be despondent. I would have been happy for mine to turn out that good!

  8. Laurie Blau-Marshall replied:

    Tina, I think they turned out great! Try putting them away for a week or two and then revisit them. I bet you’ll find you like them more. I think that the closer we are to something, the more critical we are.


  9. Rosie replied:

    I wasn’t too happy with mine either Tina, but yours look great! I keep taking mine out and putting them away again…. There’s always the next crusade to look forward to!

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