Wednesday Stamper

This weeks mission is to ART it up!!! Check out all the great entries here.


May 14, 2008. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Sandy replied:

    Wow they are brilliant.
    Amazing creations.

  2. Belinda replied:

    i can never get enough of the tina style 🙂

  3. Julie replied:

    They are amazing!!!

  4. rein replied:

    These are great!

  5. sija replied:

    Love them both Tina!

  6. claudette replied:

    very artsy

  7. viola replied:

    Both are so gorgeous, Tina!

  8. Dawne replied:

    lovely xx

  9. hastingshall2 replied:

    Both are great for this wonderful theme! Faye

  10. Kris Dickinson replied:

    Love the colors!

  11. herminesplace replied:

    Bot are gorgeous, stunning colours.

  12. Linda replied:

    Both of these are just wonderful…great colors and images. Thanks for the fun theme!

  13. Sanja replied:

    stunning Tina!!
    yes..i made fabric tag. the ornament around the head is stamped.

  14. Laura replied:

    This theme has inspired wonderful artwork! I love your pieces…art is a way of life for me too!

  15. katrin replied:

    tina – both ATC’s are great and gorgeous!!!

  16. Trudie Becker replied:

    This is so brilliant…stunning work.
    Thans for the nice theme.

  17. Audrey Meijs replied:

    beautiul art work!

  18. Rosie replied:

    Love your style and the backgrounds are amazing! What an inspiring theme this week!

  19. Barbara Hagerty replied:

    These are fabulous! Wonderful inspiration pieces for a fun theme!!

  20. Maggie Ann replied:

    I love your backgrounds!!!

  21. filetta replied:

    a great piece of Art ! wonderful

  22. Gabrielle Madsen replied:

    Wonderful cards Tina!

  23. fatmasplace replied:

    wonderful cards, thanks for this great theme

  24. Willy replied:

    Wonderful, love them both!

  25. Laura replied:

    Tina, I’d love to see what wonders you create for our challenge this week…paper crowns! Please join us!
    Creatively Yours, Laura

  26. ~*~ Patty replied:

    Tina! Such a great challenge, your pieces are very inspirational/wonderful, that quote says it all!

  27. Kathleen Botsford replied:

    Thanks for visiting and the wonderful comments! My experience with each child has been so totally different. My son was the hardest so far. I will tell you that story or maybe write a piece another piece. I don’t know how exactly to go about dialoguing so I stopped by for another visit! I love this piece! Especially how it “blossomed” when taken “out of the Head”. Very intriguing! I love your art! Kathy

  28. Michelle Ward replied:


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