Valley Ridge

As promised, here are a couple more pics from my trip to Wisconsin.

The lovely barn where classes are held

Group picture

The diva herself at work. Spray painting no less!!

The beautiful Wisconsin countryside.

You can find some more pictures at the Valley Ridge Website. I will definitely be going back.


May 13, 2008. Miscellanous.


  1. Belinda replied:

    don’t tell me you forgot to take a pic with the TWO divas, aka tina & michelle šŸ˜‰ sweet

  2. Monica replied:

    Oh this is too swell a post to pass up leaving a comment on… yes, I always have a great time pouring over your posts girlie but seeing you all CREATE the day away in Wisconsin was extremely kuhl! xo, Monica

  3. Michelle Ward replied:

    dang! we didn’t get a picture together! how did that happen? so fun to hang with you girl *hugs*

  4. Kathleen Botsford replied:

    Great pictures! You totally captured the quiet and relaxed atmosphere! I hope to see some of your pages from the weekend in your art! Hey, I got my blog kinda going! check it out and give me some feedback! See you in Wisconsin soon!

  5. Maj Carita replied:

    Oh you lucky girl! I would LOVE to take a class with Michelle! I agree, show us what you did at the course! šŸ™‚

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