Wednesday Stamper

I love this week’s theme… Diva!! You can interpret this in so many ways. Check out the variety. I have used a picture of one of of the stars of the silent film era, Louise Brooks. She was defintely a diva… a showgirl and dancer and quite saucy… I can’t explain the pink and fru fruness; I just wanted to try something different!LOL


May 8, 2008. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Sandy replied:

    Wow this is unbelievable. Love it.

  2. Kathleen Botsford replied:


    I see you got home safely from our wonderful weekend! It was great to meet you and I am having such a good time on your blog! I love the Diva! I love Louise Brooks! Fabulous Job!


  3. herminesplace replied:

    its gorgeous, love the colours you have choosen.

  4. katrin replied:

    great playing alont the theme. like cour BG – greta colors!

  5. Julie Prichard replied:

    I like these colors with her! Even more so, I like the pattern paper and paint combo…really pretty! I need to work on painting without covering everything up with paint. 🙂

  6. Pattio replied:

    Hey Tina,

    The Bahamas sound fabulous! Love all your art posted lately on your blog. Mine is sadly out of date as I am doing a home reno. I am adding onto my Art Studio! Wahoo! Getting close to done now. I am painting the walls and Monday my heat and lights get installed. After that fooring and I can move in! I’ll post some pics soon I hope. Keep on arting
    Big hugs

  7. rein. replied:

    Really pretty,wonderful colors.

  8. femmy replied:

    beautiful diva!!!

  9. Janny replied:

    Beautiful. I love the colours!

  10. Louise replied:

    With a name like Louise I’m sure she was saucy and fun and everything else you said! Great piece, I love the colors and design….a different look for a vintage picture.

  11. Natalie Briney replied:

    Just fabulous!!

  12. Sanja replied:

    very nice picture. beautiful work,again,Tina!

  13. daisy replied:

    Gorgeous, wonderfully Diva-rish & great colours.

  14. kreativgeschwafel replied:

    a wonderful card!

  15. Heather Robinson replied:

    I love the photo that you’ve used of Louise Brooks….she’s beautiful, she’s vivacious and she’s a diva! Gorgeous work.

  16. Viola replied:

    Fabulous, Tina! Wonderful work again!

  17. enjoy replied:

    Oh, it is gorgeous!

  18. sija replied:

    Beautiful diva!

  19. Maggie Ann replied:

    Very retro….I like this. =) great background too

  20. Kathy McCreedy replied:

    Hey Tina! Come see what’s on my site, I think you’ll like it! xoxo, K.

  21. Willy replied:

    Wonderful card!

  22. Belinda replied:

    you’re such a pink girl!!!!!! 🙂 love louise, fabulous tribute to a grande diva. i wonder if this is autobiographical 😉

  23. Dymphie replied:

    Gorgeous work. Love the photo you used.

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