I made this postcard for a lovely young lady who is one of my friend’s daughter who is going through a very difficult time with medical issues. I hope it puts a smile on her face. What put a smile on your face today, this week, this month?


April 21, 2008. Postcards, Uncategorized.


  1. Julie Prichard replied:

    This is really pretty…the week is pretty early, but I would have to say that the debut of the giraffes in their new enclosure at the SD Zoo made me smile… It was cool to see them acting timid and checking out the people who had gathered to see them this morning. 🙂

  2. regina replied:

    This week a huge smile is on my face knowing that on sunday next we will leave for a 6 week vacation to Holland, the country where I am from and where our 3 children live. It is not always easy to live far away from them, so yes, the smile is big at the moment, we feel very lucky!

    Best regards, Regina St. Maarten DWI

  3. Belinda replied:

    this postcard put a smile on my face. ahem, and that i discovered a pc with photoshop at work hahahaha and i have access to it! ha!

  4. Seth replied:

    I am sure this will cheer her up Tina…it is a beaut!

  5. herminesplace replied:

    Its gorgeous. I really love the colours you have used.

  6. Pilar replied:

    This is a beautiful affirmation of healing and love. Great use of colors and blending. Hope you are well.xoxoxopip

  7. Netti Atkins replied:

    Beautiful – a real work of art. You’re going on my Faves list!!!:-)

  8. Pam replied:

    This is absolutely lovely… worth framing actually. Love the colors and the textures.

  9. Pam replied:

    Ok, you got me… how do you get those little squares at the sides of the comment posts? They look like little quilts or some like miniature art pieces… so cute and clever… how do you get it to do that? I’m only computer savvy up to a point.

  10. Monica replied:

    STUNNING creation!

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