Wednesday Stamper

The Bahamas was great! Sand, Sea and Sunshine. What more could a girl want I ask?? LOL

Spring is defintely in the air and with it comes the Cherry Blossoms. I live on the outskirts of DC and I can’t wait to see the Cherry Blossoms this year. They are truly magnificent in all their splendour. Isn’t Spring awesome? All those bare trees suddenly explode into a riot of color. To mark Spring, the theme this week on Wednesday Stamper is Trees. Check out all the awesome entries. Here is my ode to the Cherry Blossom tree.



April 2, 2008. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. femmy replied:

    beautiful cherryblossoms!!! love it!!

  2. rein replied:

    Fabulous card, love the blossoms!

  3. Audrey Meijs replied:

    I love your tree!

  4. Hilmof replied:

    Beautiful – I can almost smell it

  5. viola replied:

    It`s fabulous, Tina! Love it! 🙂

  6. Louise replied:

    I love the cherry blossom stamp…great piece you’ve created!
    Saw the cherry blossom trees last year in D.C. for the first time….still remember how gorgeous they were.

  7. Claudine replied:

    i love wow fabulous

  8. Sandy replied:

    Wow this is brilliant. Gorgeous piece.

  9. Barbara replied:

    Beautiful piece.

  10. Julie Prichard replied:

    Great, Tina!! I saw this image in Somerset…..who makes it?? I really like this one 🙂

  11. Sanja replied:

    great piece Tina!!!

  12. Kris Dickinson replied:

    A stunning piece of art!

  13. Silvia replied:

    Really a wonderful tree, love the blossoms.

  14. Kelly replied:

    beautiful! great images!

  15. Laura replied:

    Excellent collage! I’m reminded of childhood…shaking the cherry blossom trees so that it “snows” pink petals!
    Creatively Yours, Laura

  16. herminesplace replied:

    Beautiful Tina. Love the tree and the blossom. Great colours.

  17. Kaz replied:

    love this, very inspirational piece. gorgeous tree.

  18. gillian replied:

    Wonderful composition Tina, love the cherry blossom:)

  19. Barbara Hagerty replied:

    Beautiful!! DC in cherry blossom season is a sight to behold! Lovely, Tina!

  20. ~*~ Patty replied:

    Love your cherry blossom inspiration Tina, just super! I live in N VA not far from those blossom at all 🙂
    Thank you for another imaginative and fun challenge!

  21. Heather Robinson replied:

    I was so inspired when I saw this piece to introduce the challenge this week. This is a favourite tree stamp of mine and you’ve used it so wonderfully. Glad you had a wonderful vacation.

  22. Jean replied:

    Very cool!! Great challenge!

  23. Maggie Ann replied:

    Very lovely!

  24. filetta replied:

    Very beautiful card ! i like flowers an color

  25. Ros replied:

    I love the way you have kept the colour of the blossom as a focal point.

  26. cardcreations replied:

    Yes I would say the same as Ros did, the red cherry blossoms are a highlight on the nice creamy background!! Fabulous Work!

  27. Ingrid replied:

    Die Kirschblüten gefallen mir sehr gut!

  28. Hope Clinchot replied:

    Love it,Tina! Glad you had a great vacation!! wish I could have snuck in your suitcase!! 🙂

  29. mueppi replied:

    Wow Tina, wunderschön!

  30. Karen Owen replied:

    This is gorgeous! I love the way you composed it with the stamp bleeding off the sides and added the cherry blossoms. Perfect!

  31. Marsup replied:

    Gorgeous! I love it!

  32. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is gorgeous. I love how you added those flowers to the tree 🙂

  33. Netti Atkins replied:

    I love the shades of colour in your background and the way the blossom is bold against it – really great!

  34. jo capper-sandon replied:

    A really beautiful piece Tina. You’ve made what is usually seen as quite a dark stamp into a very delicate pretty image. Wonderful work.

  35. Belinda replied:

    funny, do you have cherry trees in dc only? they grow everywhere over here and yes, they do look gorgeous!

  36. Kathy McCreedy replied:

    Hi Tina, Lovely ode to the Cherry Trees… SO glad to know at least SOMEONE is experiencing spring as it ought to be celebrated! 😀
    Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving such a kind comment, I really appreciate it! All my best, K.

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