More mail art.

Couldn’t resist playing around today. Sending this out to a friend. Went with the spring colors on my desk….



March 15, 2008. Envelopes.


  1. Seth replied:

    Another great piece of mail art. Somebody is going to be very happy when they get their mail.

  2. Jacky replied:

    BEAUTIFUL mail art envelope…. someone will be very happy to receive that in the mail! Love your spring colour theme.

  3. Sanja replied:

    wonderful mail art!!:0)

  4. Belinda replied:

    yummy! love the goddess!! who’s that from?

  5. Ulla replied:

    love this!

  6. Marsup replied:

    It’s very very beautiful! Colours, stamps, everything!!!

  7. rivergardenstudio replied:

    I love your colors in this card. I usually go for the fall colors, but I feel a change coming! Roxanne

  8. Kathy McCreedy replied:

    Hi Tina, LOVELY mail art… wish I was on your list! Love the colors you used… thanks for the kind comment re: my first foray into stamp carving… it really was great fun, and I couldn’t help but think of you when I realized it looked like a fern!

  9. Sarah replied:

    I saw some of your art on Seth’s blog and followed it here. Fabulous mail art! I’m sure you make the postal workers smile. 😀

    Sarah Whitmire

  10. Marie replied:

    This sumbunny was VERY happy to get this gorgeous piece of mailart in her postbox today!!! Ooooh la la..and there were a number of delicious tags tucked inside and a fabulous ATC as well….watch out kiddo….payback is on it’s way!

  11. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is lovely and I love the stamps and colors that you used.

  12. herminesplace replied:

    Its gorgeous, great colours.

  13. Patti Gramza replied:

    LOVE your envelope art, your wonderful carved stamp, and your HOW does your garden grown below! JUST wonderful!!!!!! I forgot to mention too (slap me) that I ADORE the post card I got from you in the envie with the fabric book swap! Ohhhhhhhhh Tina your artwork just SINGS…… person it is so touchable and beautiful! THANK You…..sorry for the long wait on that thank you! 😦 Your artwork here is beautiful!
    HAPPY EASTER sweetie!

  14. Jocelyne replied:

    gorgeous mail art !

  15. Kaz replied:

    this is beautiful art- love it. I wouldn’t want to send it!!!

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