More journal pages

I have continued to work in my journal, trying out things and just playing in general. Here is the most recent page. There are quite a number of great tutorials I have come across lately which I plan on trying out to just mix things up a bit. Keep it fresh!



March 10, 2008. Journal pages.


  1. Julie Prichard replied:

    WOW Tina, this is amazing!!! The colors are so eye catching!!! It’s REALLY great!

  2. Åshild replied:

    I have to say WOW, too! This is amazing! The composition, the colors – Stunning! Thanks for sharing!

    Åshild 🙂

  3. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is gorgeous and I love how you blend everything. I thought i had your email address but don’t. Anyways, i was going to email you to tell you that the gate on my recent post is a stamp by Stampington. Thanks for your wonderful comment :o)

  4. Pattio replied:

    Vera Kewl! Love your word. And your colours as usual are fabulous. Good on ya for working in your journal.

    Hugs Pattio

  5. Hope Clinchot replied:

    Tina….LOVE this!! It is just amazing…the image seems to just jump out at you from such a vibrant background. My first reaction was “WOW!!!” I think I said it about 5 times, lol.

  6. Belinda replied:

    what a cheeky gal! indeed, great journal page, composition and colors.

  7. Kathy M replied:

    Hi Tina, what a beautiful collage! Gorgeous colors! Thank you so much for your very kind comments on my latest post! Your words are greatly appreciated! xoxo, K.

  8. Michelle Ward replied:

    not only do you have your groove back but it looks like you caught spring fever. this looks like the promise of spring is here!

  9. johanna replied:

    haha, love her attitude! wonderful collage, tina!

  10. Sanja replied:


  11. Ulla replied:

    great collage!

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