Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is Stars. I love them! In all shapes and sizes. I go through phases where I  use them a lot and then put them away. I loved the opportunity to revisit them. Been doing that a lot; revisiting old faves. These colors were on my desk; they are floating my boat right now. Nice change from the pink!!!LOL



February 27, 2008. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. viola replied:

    Wonderful, Tina! Love all of it!!

  2. femmy replied:

    beautiful!!! love that colour!

  3. Audrey Meijs replied:

    Beautiful, great theme!

  4. gillian replied:

    Wonderful, love it all too, great colour!

  5. Louise replied:

    Fantastic combination of colors and images…thanks for the inspiration!

  6. kreativgeschwafel replied:

    what a wonderful card!

  7. Andrea replied:

    This is fabulous, I love the colours

  8. Sanny replied:

    Wonderful work, and I love the colors too!!!

  9. Sandy replied:

    Wow Tina this is brilliant. Stunning design.

  10. deb (life goes on) replied:

    This is fantastic, love the colour choice.

  11. barnie replied:

    Really wonderful, love the colours you’ve used and the background looks great.

  12. herminesplace replied:

    Great colours, love it.

  13. Julie Prichard replied:

    I love the background you created here, Tina! The color is one of my favorites too!

  14. Sanja replied:

    love this :0) beautiful work,Tina!

  15. Xela replied:

    wonderful card!

  16. Jocelyne replied:

    what a wonderful card, love the colours

  17. Paula replied:

    Gorgeous vivid colour.

  18. Donna replied:

    The colors you used are so pretty!

  19. Barbara replied:

    Gorgeous work

  20. Kelly replied:

    beautiful! lovely colors!

  21. Sija replied:


  22. JODI BARONE replied:

    That color evokes the sea and the garden…beautiful and original piece.

  23. Barbara Hagerty replied:

    Oh, how beautiful! Thanks for the theme and the inspiration!!

  24. Gabrielle Madsen replied:

    This is gorgeous!

  25. jo capper-sandon replied:

    Really beautiful Tina…my fave colours atm. Great composition.

  26. katrin replied:

    great – great – great! loce the green-blue color scheme.

  27. angela sumner replied:

    Fab ATC Tina, absolutly love those colours!

  28. bastelkueken replied:

    Tina – this is wonderful and your colours are great

  29. mueppi replied:

    Das ist eine wunderschöne Karte!

  30. Sephi replied:

    Gorgeous! I love that stamp 🙂

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