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I love this month’s theme because it made me stop and think. I have been carrying around a big ol’ bag filled with everything I ever thought I might need for journaling but it was so heavy, I left it in the car or at home most of the time. So I pared it down, bought a cool looking lunchbox and filled it with the stuff I tend to use the most…. I do most of the painting and adding images at my desk and then do the writing and doodling wherever I find myself; at work, in the car waiting to pick up or drop off etc etc you get me???


It contains a few of my fave things;

Date stamp, gel pens(can one ever have too many??? mine number in the upper 40’s to 50’s), glue stick(do you have a fave? these uhu ones seem to do alright), neoart oil pastels, a few aquacolor crayons and my new inktense watercolor pencils, stapler, niji watercolor brush, black, grey and white pencils, sharpener and a pair of scissors(is there a law that states it is criminal to have more than 10 pairs???, just wondering). Last but not least is my alphabet stencil and peerless watercolor for adding background washes. I forgot my favourite of all time sharpie poster paint pens and a white correction stick.

They laugh at me at work because my colleagues are always vaguely amused when they see my ‘lunch’ box!!!!LOL


February 21, 2008. Street Team.


  1. Michelle Ward replied:

    tina – groooooovy lunchbox! you’ve mentioned at least one thing i need to add to my kit – a pencil sharpener, duh! great stash of stuff – so happy to hear you use it at work, or on the go. i get you. thanks for sharing with the team πŸ™‚ my favorite gluestick, since you asked, is Tombow, super smooth. and about scissors – last count was 17. but i can never find them so i finally tied one to the peg board where i hang all my ribbons. nothing worse than trying to cut ribbon with a kitchen knife. *grin*

  2. elizabeth bunsen replied:

    tina – way cool – that is some lunch box! – I too had/have the bag too heavy to carry – things have a way of “traveling” always looking for something – love your supply list here – need to refine mine for an up coming trip – thanks so for your visit…

    xox – eb.

  3. stephanie replied:

    I LOVE the lunch box idea and LOVE that you take it to work!!

    I need to get a date stamp, I see people using them…and just must have one!


  4. lisa H. replied:


    I’m new to your Blog and lovin it…what took me so long??!!!

    Looking forward to many future visits.
    I love your lunchbox. This looks like the perfect sketching survival kit.

    Lisa H

  5. Julie Prichard replied:

    Ditto for me on the date stamp too!

    COOL lunch box! Your supplies look delicious too! I really like that you are able to get everything you need in that small of a case.

    Thank you so much for your words of inspiration on my blog today πŸ™‚

    Glue stick? I dig the elmers one where the glue is blue when it is wet and then dries clear..I like it not only because it works, but it available everywhere. “Craft Bond”.

  6. Chris replied:

    This is so fun looking and cool! I love lunch boxes. It was a struggle for me to cut down the supplies I wanted to take on trips, but I wanted them to fit in my new little tiny sack, and now I am excited to start working with it, because I’ll be forced to use my imagination around the limitations. It sounds like you have done that!

  7. Jill Assman replied:

    That is one cool lunchbox!!! And the contents are so much more fun than peanutbutter and jelly!!!! Thanks for stopping by….

  8. Becci Renfro replied:

    Tina thanks for the coment on my journal kit…I appreciate that!

    Your art looks real neat and I will keep up on your blog. I am an ATC card maker and trader and would love to have a trade with you.

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  9. Julie replied:


    I looovvve this little lunchbox and its supplies! I did put a little date stamp in mine too! As for gel pens and scissors…one can never have too many!

    Your ATC’s look fabulous!

  10. Belinda replied:

    haha, i’m working on my post. looks almost like my supplies! just journaling takes much longer with me. cool lunchbox you got!! and love that alpha stencil.

  11. Belinda replied:

    only now saw your bottom part and read michelle’s and the other comments. i have 5 scissors (different sizes) at work hehe and 20+ at home. keeping paper and fabric well seperated. haha we’re all addicts for no matter what i guess. go german uhu glue!

  12. Hanna replied:

    The little box is just soooo cool, what a find! Your kit looks nice and I would love to see a photo of you at your work desk, spreading everything around and writing! What a fun way to create during the day!

    I don’t know about how many scissors is enough (if there can be enough), mine are ALWAYS gone when I need them! πŸ˜‰

  13. Seth replied:

    Great set of supplies! My hands down favorite brand of glue stick is Avery.

  14. Kathy M replied:

    I’m SO envious! I’ve been struggling to find the “perfect” box, container, tin, etc for my journal kit; and thanks to you, now I know what I need!!! I just have to figure out where to buy a metal lunchbox! OK, just tell me… where did you find that groovy lunchbox? I promise we won’t be seen together in public with our matching lunchboxes!!! πŸ˜€

  15. s.patel replied:

    i LOVE that lunchbox! what a great idea for keeping a journaling kit!!

  16. JeriAnn replied:

    I love your lunch box and its contents! Some of your products fascinated me. Are the Niji watercolor pens the kind that you add water to and can used with pan watercolors or watercolor pencils? How do you like them? I must confess that your great entry inspired the art supply geek in me. Thanks for sharing!

    — JeriAnn

  17. Robin replied:

    Your box is ultra hip, your supplies are enticing, and your art life is awesome if your co-workers are commenting on your art box!

  18. Jo Wholohan replied:

    loving the lunch box tina :)) i MUST find one heheeee!!! great kit you have there

  19. maz replied:

    Yep, great lunch box! Nothing lke that over here. And no, you never can have too many gel pens (especially when your 12 yr old dd keeps pinchin’ ’em! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog πŸ™‚

  20. Jo Anne replied:

    Tina, let your work friends laugh…your lunch box ROCKS!!!

    Looks like you have it down to a science…I personally love UHU glue sticks..the best I have found!

  21. Xela replied:


  22. Xela replied:

    ohh thats the wrong post :O

  23. julie molina replied:

    That’s the coolest lunch box ever! I’m so proud that I remembered my pencil sharpener!

  24. Monica replied:

    OO, great lot Tina! I think I overstuffed mine but who knows when I’ll need it all! ha! Love that you ceate on the go, in the car… I’m amazed peop’s can DO that! In participating in crusade no. 17 I believe I WILL be more organized and seek inspiration where ever I may be. That alone was a GREAT conquest! Love that lunchbox!

    Gorgeous pieces here! Scrolling down… I need to catch up!

    drooool droool Love & blessings to you, Monica πŸ™‚

  25. ffyrebird replied:

    That lunchbox kit is the coolest. The folks at work are just jealous! Aren’t the Inktense pencils fab?
    BTW- Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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