You can’t help but notice it will soon be valentine’s day. Rather than fight it, i decided to embrace the whole concept and made a postcard based on Hanna’s suggestion.


Valentine’s day is always special in my house because my husband’s birthday is also on Valentine’s day. Good job his name is not Valentine!!


February 13, 2008. Postcards, Uncategorized, Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Jocelyne replied:

    wow Tina ! Really gorgeous ! love it

  2. Andrea replied:

    fabulous, great colours

  3. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this postcard is so pretty. Happy birthday to your husband :o)

  4. Louise replied:

    This is so creative and colorful…just love this!

  5. Paula replied:

    Fabulous retro look.

  6. Julie replied:

    Great postcard!

  7. herminesplace replied:

    its fabulous. Love it!!!

  8. Sandy replied:

    Oh wow fantastic. Great piece.

  9. Christine Baier replied:

    Wow…. really good!

  10. femmy replied:

    gorgeous, great colours!!

  11. stampingbalou replied:

    Wow, this is fabulous, really beautiful – love your idea, your arrangement and the chosen colors…

  12. bastelkueken replied:

    Simply stunning design your map

  13. stampingwitch replied:

    that looks great!

  14. filetta replied:

    very modern, I love very much

  15. Natalie Briney replied:

    Happy Birthday to your hubby :-). Love your postcard, so pretty.

    Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog about my submission for VD. Yes I did hand draw the bird onto some cardstock first (in case I made a big boo boo) and then stuck it on to the canvas.


  16. Kris Dickinson replied:

    Absolutely fabulous!

  17. ArtKat replied:

    Fantastic art, I love the background and stitching! 🙂

  18. Cheryl~ replied:

    I love this piece…I wish I could let go and be more creative!

  19. Silvia replied:

    Fantastic, love the stitching.

  20. claudilue replied:

    that looks great.

  21. Manja replied:

    Wow, that is very very special and so beautiful, absolutely inspiring.

  22. Janny replied:

    Something so different, nice!

  23. Sija replied:

    Fab card!

  24. lelia replied:

    Looks great!!! Enjoy the day

  25. Ilka replied:

    Einfach großartig!

  26. gillian replied:

    Love the modern arty feel to this piece:)

  27. kareneowen replied:

    I love this! It’s amazing!

  28. ~*~ Patty replied:

    Tina, you valentine is really special. Thanks to you for helping make WS challenges SO much fun! Love your header too!

  29. Barbara Hagerty replied:

    Oh, how wonderful! This is exactly the type of piece that inspires me! I could look at your Valentine postcard all day long! Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Birthday to your husband! – – belatedly, since it’s now the 15th.

  30. JODI BARONE replied:


  31. Patti Gramza replied:

    Hey sweet Tina, I love your postcard! It is awesome! ❤
    Hoping all is well there with you and the family …….sending lots of hugs,Patti

  32. Belinda replied:

    such a non-cute valentine card will convert ANYONE!!! it’s just plain awesome.

  33. Fanny replied:

    Wonderful ATCs!

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