Playing with stencils

I got some play time today and Monica gave me permission to use a picture from her blog which I had spied whilst visiting. Using Gillian’s tutorial and some of the materials she recommended, it is much easier to do. I am cutting stencils outa everything these days!!




February 2, 2008. Journal pages.


  1. Belinda replied:

    very cool! gillian did a brilliant job with her tutorial. i’m so in fabric land though 🙂 don’t tell me you stenciled the dandelions!!!!!!!??????????

  2. herminesplace replied:

    Looks fabulous!!!

  3. Monica replied:

    Unbelievably GENIUS!!! Love how you looked for supplies in unusual places. This piece has my heart pumpin’ with excitement Tina. Geez, I’ve got to say that your use of texture makes my head spinnnnnnnnn! ~Monica

  4. Chris replied:

    These are so beautiful! How inventive. I want to do this!!

    Teach a class.

  5. Patti Gramza replied:

    Ok Tina, I love this stencil thing! DID You get the stencil burner??? TELL me more when you have a moment! Ohhhhhhhh this looks fun!
    Are you using the mylar or something else! Let me know sweetie!
    Gorgeous stencil art for sure!

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