Thank you

makemydayaward.jpg I wanted to say a very big thank you to Seth for this lovely award and also to Hermine for this lovely award. day_award1.jpg

I appreciate being recognized. I pass it on to all the fabulous people that take some precious time out of their day to stop by and commune with me.

February 27, 2008. Miscellanous. 8 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is Stars. I love them! In all shapes and sizes. I go through phases where I  use them a lot and then put them away. I loved the opportunity to revisit them. Been doing that a lot; revisiting old faves. These colors were on my desk; they are floating my boat right now. Nice change from the pink!!!LOL


February 27, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 30 comments.

GPP Street Team


I love this month’s theme because it made me stop and think. I have been carrying around a big ol’ bag filled with everything I ever thought I might need for journaling but it was so heavy, I left it in the car or at home most of the time. So I pared it down, bought a cool looking lunchbox and filled it with the stuff I tend to use the most…. I do most of the painting and adding images at my desk and then do the writing and doodling wherever I find myself; at work, in the car waiting to pick up or drop off etc etc you get me???


It contains a few of my fave things;

Date stamp, gel pens(can one ever have too many??? mine number in the upper 40’s to 50’s), glue stick(do you have a fave? these uhu ones seem to do alright), neoart oil pastels, a few aquacolor crayons and my new inktense watercolor pencils, stapler, niji watercolor brush, black, grey and white pencils, sharpener and a pair of scissors(is there a law that states it is criminal to have more than 10 pairs???, just wondering). Last but not least is my alphabet stencil and peerless watercolor for adding background washes. I forgot my favourite of all time sharpie poster paint pens and a white correction stick.

They laugh at me at work because my colleagues are always vaguely amused when they see my ‘lunch’ box!!!!LOL

February 21, 2008. Street Team. 25 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme at Wednesday Stamper is bookmarks; like I said in my previous post, it is nice to revisit long forgotten supplies or formats.


February 20, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 30 comments.

New ATC’s

I haven’t made much art this week but revisited atc’s. I had forgotten how much I love these tiny works of art!

Thanks for stopping by. What have you revisited lately?? It is fun to rediscover an old fave.


February 18, 2008. ATC's. 11 comments.


You can’t help but notice it will soon be valentine’s day. Rather than fight it, i decided to embrace the whole concept and made a postcard based on Hanna’s suggestion.


Valentine’s day is always special in my house because my husband’s birthday is also on Valentine’s day. Good job his name is not Valentine!!

February 13, 2008. Postcards, Uncategorized, Wednesday Stamper. 33 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is Asian. This is a page in my current journal. I have left some room for writing. I need to dig out all my Asian stamps. I love Lynne Perella’s line. My stamps are gathering dust!!


February 9, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 15 comments.

Some more journal pages

I got some play time and managed to work in my journal. I have left some room for writing but concentrated on trying out some new color combos. The words are to remind me to grab each day and live life to the fullest. A friend reminded me today as I am going through some troubling times right now. Thanks(you know who you are!)


February 7, 2008. Journal pages. 10 comments.

Playing with stencils

I got some play time today and Monica gave me permission to use a picture from her blog which I had spied whilst visiting. Using Gillian’s tutorial and some of the materials she recommended, it is much easier to do. I am cutting stencils outa everything these days!!



February 2, 2008. Journal pages. 5 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

This weeks challenge is to make a stamped charm. I made this bamboo tile pendant which I think qualifies.


February 1, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 8 comments.