Mail Art

I went a bit wild this evening; I am sending out a swap and decided to go all out and decorate the envelope since I had time!


January 29, 2008. Envelopes.


  1. Chris Peden replied:

    Totally fun and wonderful!!!! Love the envelope!
    chris p

  2. Sanja replied:

    absolutely cool,Tina!:-)

  3. Jocelyne replied:

    this mail art is absolutely wonderful !!! I love love love this !

  4. ginny replied:

    Wonderful envelope! Good for you doing the extra creative thing.

  5. herminesplace replied:

    Fabulous mailart!!

  6. Julie replied:

    AWESOME!! I would fall over if this was in my pile of mail!

  7. lia replied:

    ohhhh, so much eye candy!! love it all. Speaking of mail art, I’ve had a little somethin’ here for you for months and I’ve misplaced your new addy!! I looked through my emails and can’t find!! please send me again when you get a chance. thanks Tina. xoxo lia

  8. Seth replied:

    Amazing mail art! I would love to get this in my mail box!

  9. Maggie Ann replied:

    Oooh, this is gorgeous!

  10. Monica replied:

    OO babeeeeee! This piece ignited the fires within! I carefully cut the pkg so not to damage its beauty. I’m a huge fan of mail art so when yours showed I was ALL SMILES. Thank you for spreading cheer this way. Oh what my mailman must think. YOU HAVE STYYYYYLE! Love coming here Tina…. mind if I ‘pimp’ ya out a lil on my blog? Not like you need it, but I’m ga-ga over this… ~Monica

  11. Heather Robinson replied:

    You know, I never decorate envelopes but I get so excited when I receive them decorated. This one is nothing short of stunning! I wouldn’t want to open it! Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. I’m very excited to find yours and your artwork. Do you mind if I link you??

  12. Carmen replied:

    That is gorgeous! Who wouldn’t love to receive THAT in the mail!!!

  13. Marcelus Freitas replied:


  14. roquia replied:

    I like It 🙂

  15. Ashley replied:

    This is beautiful! 🙂

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