I am a “PINK Artist”


What is a Pink Artist you ask?? Check out Monica’s project to support a cure for Breast Cancer. I consider myself lucky so far in that neither I nor any of my close family members have been struck by breast cancer but cancer is cancer no matter what part of the body it strikes and I lost someone near this year to colon cancer. He was in his 30’s and left behind 2 young children. So cancer is very much a part of our lives and if I can do just a little to help, then so be it.

Here are a few squares I created for the project.



January 25, 2008. Miscellanous.


  1. Christine Baier replied:

    So cool your pink squares!

  2. Monica replied:

    Your squares are wonderful eXpressions of YOU as an artist Tina! Thank you for creating these and joining with us to kick some cancer butt! I’m truly sorry for the loss of life you experienced, 30 is much too young to lose a loved one. Cancer recognizes no age as you know, but beautifully you have taken something ugly and made it into a work of art. I’m adding your link to show off your squares until your pkg arrives. Thank you for taking the time to create with us for such a great cause. kindly, Monica

  3. Grace replied:

    Wonderful squares, it’s so nice to be able to wander around the internet and find so many participating!

  4. freebird(Timaree) replied:

    I like your squares. This project just seemed to be a good way to do a spot of “volunteering” for a good cause. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Much too young although any age is not good for cancer.

  5. Betzie replied:

    Love these squares! Nice work.
    Started mine yesterday, but have to think smaller and more simple! I always overdo. Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. L replied:

    These squares are fantastic : ) Thx for sharing!

  7. Sanja replied:

    Both are wonderful!!!

  8. Michelle Ward replied:

    oh no….are our squares supposed to be pink? *runs to double check* nice work tina!

  9. Art Tea Life replied:

    These came out just GREAT !

    I was trying to pick a favorite…very hard…I picked IIMAGINE … but changed my mind …then NO…ohp ! they are all good ! No favorite. All FANTASTIC.

  10. Monica replied:

    One word: MAGNIFICENT!

    Wow, your art should come with a warning label Tina…

    WARNING: Tina’s art creates heART attacks!

    Love these! Thank you so much for pouring your heart into these lil beauties. You inspire me to PLAY! ~Monica

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