National letter writing week

Apparently I didn’t get the memo either. Check out Michelle’s post about letter writing. Don’t you agree it is a lost art. I even missed Laura’s letter writing party. Actually i have always liked mail art and tend not to send out naked envelopes. But this piqued my interest. I need to go back to actually writing letters with juicy content. I remember receiving letters from my mother when I was in boarding school. Mail day was the highlight of the week! Here is a postcard I made for a friend Tejae; we have started exchanging monthly postcards. Send someone a letter or postcard this week or as soon as you get a chance.



January 14, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Robin replied:

    I appreciate letter writing and always wish that I spent more time on it. I LOVE getting mail. This postcard is totally righteous…your friend’s gonna love it!

  2. nikki/whimsylove replied:

    I SO want to receive mail from YOU! That postcard is amazing—your artwork is beautiful!

  3. Michelle Ward replied:

    oooh! love this one! i’ve been a lucky girl to get tina mail art and it goes directly onto my board of cool stuff. when you spoke about getting letters at school it reminded me how my mom would have a letter waiting forme the FIRST day of girl scout camp. who gets a letter the first day? that was cool. bravo for spreading the word about letter writing and mail art.

  4. Lenna replied:

    Tina, thanks for your encouragement. I just wrote a long letter to a nearby friend who does not do email at all, but loves to send me cards & notes/letters. It really was such fun to sit down, long-hand write, share what’s been going on & decorate her envelope a bit!

  5. audrey h. replied:

    Tina i adore this postcard.

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