Wednesday Stamper

The New Years challenge on the new look Wednesday Stamper is gothic arches and I just couldn’t resist. Happy New Year to all the delightful folks that visit my blog. I hope this year is filled with many good things for you and your families. I appreciate your time and lovely comments that make blogging so much fun. My scanner will not cooperate with the new Mac operating system, so I had to resort to my camera.



January 7, 2008. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. herminesplace replied:

    Gorgeous, great colours!!!

  2. Sandy replied:

    Wow this is a wonderful arch. Really stunning.

  3. Belinda replied:

    gorgeous background and i love the sentiment! glad you had some art time.

  4. Tanya replied:

    So beautiful arch! I love all details!

  5. Sanja replied:

    fantastic background. Beautiful arch!!

  6. jo capper-sandon replied:

    Great textures and colours Tina

  7. laury55 replied:

    great arch, love your background

  8. Chris replied:

    Really lovely! I haven’t done one yet. This one has great texture! I was reading further, and saw your London photo. I LOVE LONDON! I’m going back one day…

  9. Silvia replied:

    Wondeful colours.

  10. Sija replied:

    Gorgeous arch!

  11. Barbara Hagerty replied:

    Very pretty arch!

  12. Emilia replied:

    elegant arch with vivid color! and the fabric you added on are really pretty!

  13. Monica replied:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog…. I hear you about blogger- I like the options better on typepad myself. Love this collage, truly it makes me smile. May I link you? that way I’ll have many happy returns. Congrats on the SS publication, YOU SHINE! ~Monica

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