Mail Art

I went a bit wild this evening; I am sending out a swap and decided to go all out and decorate the envelope since I had time!


January 29, 2008. Envelopes. 15 comments.

I am a “PINK Artist”


What is a Pink Artist you ask?? Check out Monica’s project to support a cure for Breast Cancer. I consider myself lucky so far in that neither I nor any of my close family members have been struck by breast cancer but cancer is cancer no matter what part of the body it strikes and I lost someone near this year to colon cancer. He was in his 30’s and left behind 2 young children. So cancer is very much a part of our lives and if I can do just a little to help, then so be it.

Here are a few squares I created for the project.


January 25, 2008. Miscellanous. 10 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

This week’s challenge is button dolls; something¬† I have never really tried so it was nice to break out the buttons.


Check out Belinda’s blog for a tutorial on how to make them.

January 23, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 20 comments.

Wednesday Stamper


Just couldn’t think of anything to do with this week’s theme of keys, then while tidying up, I came across this little key embellishment. Wish I had found it earlier.

January 15, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 11 comments.

National letter writing week

Apparently I didn’t get the memo either. Check out Michelle’s post about letter writing. Don’t you agree it is a lost art. I even missed Laura’s letter writing party. Actually i have always liked mail art and tend not to send out naked envelopes. But this piqued my interest. I need to go back to actually writing letters with juicy content. I remember receiving letters from my mother when I was in boarding school. Mail day was the highlight of the week! Here is a postcard I made for a friend Tejae; we have started exchanging monthly postcards. Send someone a letter or postcard this week or as soon as you get a chance.


January 14, 2008. Uncategorized. 5 comments.

Wall hanging

I was fortunate enough to have a couple of wall hangings I made published in Sew Somerset. This christmas I made a couple more for some dear friends. I actually need to make some more for my wall which is taking shape.


Buttons seem to be my new fave thing. I love how colorful they are! Its a bit blurred because the scanner doesn’t do dimension.

Enjoy. gotta get back to blogging more often…. I sure do miss it.

January 10, 2008. Miscellanous. 5 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

The New Years challenge on the new look Wednesday Stamper is gothic arches and I just couldn’t resist. Happy New Year to all the delightful folks that visit my blog. I hope this year is filled with many good things for you and your families. I appreciate your time and lovely comments that make blogging so much fun. My scanner will not cooperate with the new Mac operating system, so I had to resort to my camera.


January 7, 2008. Wednesday Stamper. 13 comments.