GPP Crusade


Congratulations to Michelle’s Street Team; we are celebrating her one year Anniversary!! I couldn’t participate last month and I am English so we don’t really celebrate Halloween(although it is catching on very quickly) but I could not resist showcasing my goth girl stamp which I LOVE!! I am actually very interested in the goth movement; wishing I had a daughter like Michelle who is totally into the goth thing….. alas I only have boys and it is probably a good thing my oldest is not into all that!LOL



October 23, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. Michelle Ward replied:

    tina – love your goth girl. i have one from the series too….i should show mine this week, duh! (i have that alphabet too – is it martha?) SO GLAD TO HAVE YOUR BACK ONLINE!!! missed ya. thanks for sharing your gothness with the street team!

  2. Michelle Infantino replied:

    great work! i love that butterfly stamp. love all the pinks and oranges.

  3. Belinda replied:

    oaaah, that oh so cool stamp again!! hey, i’ll travel with you to goth city ANY time. hehe yummy yummy yummy

  4. Patti Gramza replied:

    Tina, I love this!!!!!!!!!! I want to go to Goth City! Hehehe! The colors and feel of this is just FUN!!!!!!!!!

  5. Heather Cockrell replied:

    Tina…love your little gothie girl. Beautiful Colors. I had fun visiting your page today. Hugs and wishes, Heather

  6. Shay replied:

    I love the gothic + punk rock feel of your piece! The gothic girl stamps are always wonderful.

    A Crusade newbie,

  7. carlene replied:

    love this, your Goth city is Awesome!

  8. BARONE replied:

    Sooooooo Neeeeeeeed the goth girl stamp! Fabulous piece! jodi

  9. christine replied:

    See my comment below!! I hit the wrong button — so I’ll just say I love this again!!!

  10. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is great. I love the stamp and have been wanting to get some. they are so cool. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :o)

  11. Andrea replied:

    Beautiful, love the colours you have used

  12. Sandy replied:

    Wow really nice.

  13. leni replied:


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