Stamped inchies


I was able to make a post for this week’s theme on Wednesday Stamper. I have found inchies a bit difficult, yet fun. I really don’t think there is a smaller palette. What do you do with yours?


October 10, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. belinda replied:

    love them inchies 🙂 these things are reAlly small! will give mine away …

  2. Sandy replied:

    Grandios. Awesome.

  3. herminesplace replied:

    They are all awesome.

  4. francispaul replied:

    love the bright colors!

  5. saray replied:

    Fabulous, great inchies, Tina!

  6. johanna replied:


  7. Sija replied:


  8. Paula replied:

    Absolutely stunning work. I am in awe!!

  9. Kelly B replied:

    wonderful inchies!

  10. Andrea replied:


  11. Ilonka replied:

    beautiful inchies.
    I’ll use them in an altered book …

  12. Manja replied:

    You’ve done great pieces – I will try tomorrow, great idea you had for this weeks topic.

  13. Audrey Meijs replied:

    Love your inchies!

  14. Barbara replied:

    Neat inchies, fun work

  15. Maggie Ann replied:

    Very, very pretty!

  16. fatmasplace replied:

    i don`t know, what i´ll do with my pieces. yours are great

  17. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…these are so lovely. I have tried to make inchies but get so frustrated with such a small size. I just enjoy looking at what everybody else makes with them.

  18. sarah replied:

    Fantastic Inchies

  19. Silvia replied:

    Great work, they look beautiful.

  20. Linda replied:

    Totally awesome work as always and sad I haven’t seen a lot till today!!! love it all esp these inchies and your moo cards too!! have yet to try inchies not sure would be my thing?? will see maybe need a new thing huh??!! wonderful art and eye candy needed that!!! Hugs Linda

  21. Chidori replied:

    Wooaah! Soo great!

  22. Manja replied:

    B e a t i f u l, love them!

  23. christine replied:

    Tina — these are great! I’m trying to make time to do some of these…. I love what you did!

  24. ArtKat replied:

    Love your inchies! I was also looking around at other projects on your blog, I like your style! 🙂

  25. Lu replied:

    These are wonderful.

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