GPP Crusade


Congratulations to Michelle’s Street Team; we are celebrating her one year Anniversary!! I couldn’t participate last month and I am English so we don’t really celebrate Halloween(although it is catching on very quickly) but I could not resist showcasing my goth girl stamp which I LOVE!! I am actually very interested in the goth movement; wishing I had a daughter like Michelle who is totally into the goth thing….. alas I only have boys and it is probably a good thing my oldest is not into all that!LOL


October 23, 2007. Miscellanous. 13 comments.


At last I have an internet connection. We come to rely on technology so heavily. I felt like an arm has been missing for the last 6 weeks.

Check out these lovelies that the wonderful dsc01397.JPG sent me to celebrate my new home. They will hang on the wall of my new art space. Smooches Belinda!

October 17, 2007. Miscellanous. 10 comments.

Stamped inchies


I was able to make a post for this week’s theme on Wednesday Stamper. I have found inchies a bit difficult, yet fun. I really don’t think there is a smaller palette. What do you do with yours?

October 10, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 25 comments.