Wednesday Stamper

I couldn’t resist trying my hand at some Moo mini’s after seeing this weeks challenge. This is the first creative work I have done since we moved and it feels so good to be back in my art room. As everyone who has ever moved can attest to, I truly believe that aside from marriage, this is the next most stressful period in one’s life. I should know! I have moved across continents from the US to England and back at least twice. I have moved across state lines within the US too many times than I care to count. My kids have accents that vary with which continent we are on. Suffice to say, that it will take us months to settle in again and I don’t have an internet connection yet. I am getting quite adept at using other people’s. My computer comes with me everywhere because you never know where there will be wireless service. I hang out outside my son’s school and use the library’s wireless network. I can be found huddled in panera or starbucks. While I wait patiently(NOT) for the monopoly which is the cable company provider around here to move down their long list of customers, I improvise. So enjoy my MOO cards. I may be found under an avalanche of boxes and dust whilst construction continues on the rest of the homes in my new neighbourhood, or that is me trying to muscle in on your wireless service outside your home parked in my car.



September 27, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Deborah replied:

    Well, if this is your FIRST creative work since you moved, your Mojo certainly moved WITH you! These are delightful! I’ll be back…

  2. Ilka replied:

    Oh…klasse! So herrlich unterschiedliche Kärtchen…I like mostly the 6th thing…with the big bird and the egg. But…all cards are so great…

  3. johanna replied:

    fantastic cards, tina!

  4. saray replied:

    Fabulous cards!

  5. crissi replied:

    stunning set of moo cards

  6. Audrey Meijs replied:

    Great artwork! And so many!

  7. herminesplace replied:

    They are absolutely stunning. Great to see you in your artroom again so we can enjoy your gorgeous work.

  8. Dymphie replied:

    Stunning cards! Love how you made them all completely different!

  9. Andrea replied:

    These are all wonderful, love the colours

  10. Sandy replied:

    Fabulous Moo-Cards.

  11. Paula replied:

    Beautiful set of Moos.

  12. Nellie replied:

    They are all so great!!

  13. belinda replied:

    aaaaaah … so glad the mood cards got you back to your art table!!

  14. gillian replied:

    Great collection of artwork here:)

  15. Angelika replied:

    Fabulous cards! Beautiful.

  16. Sija replied:

    Fabulous cards! Wonderful work.

  17. sarah replied:

    Great Moos

  18. Silvia replied:

    Wow, great work. Love them all.

  19. Manja replied:

    Oh, wonderful. All are really great pieces of art.

  20. Angelina replied:

    Love these cards! Wonderful work!

  21. arissa replied:

    Wow, this artwork is so fantastic

  22. Sarah replied:

    Gorgeous Moo Cards Love them!!!

  23. thatcharlottekemsley replied:

    These are gorgeous!! As to what I do with them…. I usually lose them LOL!

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