Taking a break from packing.


August 31, 2007. Tags.


  1. audrey h. replied:

    Both of these are wonderful. I especially like the orange one with the bird and egg :o)

  2. belinda replied:

    aaah, going eggsy? love them both, especially the brown one. nice and dirty 🙂

  3. herminesplace replied:

    Both are GREAT!!!

  4. Bronwyn replied:

    I love these too! Good luck with the packing 🙂 I hate packing – but it is nice when you uncover things you forgot you had.

  5. PaK replied:

    I often make my best things when I’m procrastinating something else. . . .

    I really like your style, it feels very at home to me. Our styles are alike, with similar colors, a propensity for using lots of little scraps and bits, themes of birds, wings, and faces of women and girls, and use of text just for the look and feel of it sometimes (instead of what it says). I enjoy your blog a lot and follow it for ideas and sometimes just because I need to look at something pretty in the middle of a long work day.

    I haven’t been making much lately, because I’ve run out of places to put it. Even the tiny ATCs and tags take up space. What do you do with all your creations?

  6. alice k. replied:

    I just happened to your blog and I am loving it! Beautiful work! Have a good time settling in and finding the perfect place for everything, then come back and show us more of your gorgeous art!

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