More art

In between packing you always need a distraction. Luckily I have a laptop! Here are a few inchies I made last week. inchies-for-lia.jpg

And the container I put them in.



August 30, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. Belinda replied:

    love your blue piece and these inchies are yummy. and hey, i still have not done one single inchie yet. they look so fast …

  2. Cora replied:

    This is lovely. What a peaceful shade of blue.

  3. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…these are great. Inchies are so hard for me to do. I get so frustrated. Yours look awesome.

  4. lia replied:

    Oh, Tina!!!!! I love these and am sooooo lucky to see them up close.Thank you, thank you! They are Gorgeous! I can’t wait to post them with my “collection”. I love the box too and the envelope!! Wish we could get together so you can teach me to rubber stamp. I looove all your work! xo 🙂 Lia

  5. moni replied:

    I love your INCHIES, I’d like to trade if you want, I’m from Barcelona, ​​Spain

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