Some art

In the midst of packing up for a move one finds so many lovely forgotten items. I am trying very hard to purge, organize and remind myself of all those hidden treasures. I will be putting loads of stuff up for sale and trade. I need to just let go of some things including rubberstamps that I am just not using anymore. Moving provides a great opportunity to do all of the above.

Here is a piece I made today. I was totally inspired by Ruth Rae’s piece in the new Cloth, Paper Scissors. I have always admired her graceful and elegant style. vicci-front-page.jpg

I forgot to mention the youtube video I uploaded for Michelle’s current crusade, is by Katie Melua; a popular soloist in England. I love her haunting voice and have all her albums. Check it out if you haven’t already.


August 29, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. belinda replied:

    love your red piece. looks like layers of sheer fibers. ha – no spray paint?

  2. Cora replied:

    I love this piece. The layers are wonderful.

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