Mail art

Here is another envy I came up with this weekend. I am planning on mailing this out although I put some flat bingo chips on the outside which I am sure the franking machines will not like so I may have to put it in a clear envy to protect it. Its a bit wild but I was having a bit of a wild day!LOL. Boy was it hot today. Nuff


July 8, 2007. Envelopes.


  1. belinda replied:

    that woman again … still … what are you doing to me! nice dark texture. did you stamp the flower with crayons? love the smearing look!

  2. belinda replied:

    aaah, still spraying! just awesome! just got the new cloth paper scissors and there’s a great graffiti composition wallhanging. way cool! hope you don’t start spraying your walls, yet i bet your boys would love to join. i admit i have a few bottles, but they must be at least 10 yrs old.

  3. audrey h. replied:

    I love these colors. they are so striking and just pop out…too fun :o)

  4. Jo Wholohan replied:

    Love it Tina, that image is wondrful!!!
    Such bold colours

  5. Pilar Pollock replied:

    This is gorgous! I love your mail art!

  6. Sanja replied:

    beautiful mail art again. love it!

  7. Mary Franzenburg replied:

    your stenciling is great! It’s amazing the effect Michleel Ward can have on you, yea? -Me too!!

  8. ro bruhn replied:

    Looks great, I must give the stenciling a go

  9. Marilyn Rock replied:

    Tina: I love this piece! The circular elements – just awesome with the image, writing and background. Fantastic!

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