GPP Street Team

I was sooooo excited when I saw Michelle’s crusade for this month. MAIL ART!!!!! Can you just believe it?? Well check out the archives for some of my postcards and envelopes; mail art is not new, but for some reason I moved on from an atc phase to a mail art phase and I am having a blast. I think there is nothing nicer than seeing that cool decorated envy or postcard in a pile of junk mail. I try never to send out bare envelopes even if I just plonk a stamp down on it; but I do love to practice background techniques and now spray painting in my journal or on envelopes. So here is one I made to mail out to a friend today; even before I saw the new Crusade. As Michelle would say, how cool is that???LOL



July 6, 2007. Envelopes.


  1. Michelle replied:

    this rocks tina! loving that sprayed white “private”!!! And that portrait stencil….did you cut that? too cool. thanks for your enthusiasm for the mail art crusade….and for being a loyal player. it’s always worth a visit here, you have so much great stuff to see.

  2. NancyB replied:

    Whoa! Holy shee-i-t! Sorry about that tee hee! Loving your mail art and stencils! I suck at stencils…hands too shakey to cut! Oh well LOL

  3. johanna replied:

    this is adorably beautiful, tina!! the colors, the stencils! wow!!!

  4. Natalie Briney replied:

    Way cool Tina!! I love visiting your blog. I have NEVER done any mail art, so time to get my butt into gear, now that Michelle has picked this cool theme for Crusade No. 10.

  5. Becky New replied:

    Oh BABEE!!! This ROCKS! Way cool! I love the PRIVATE stencil… where on earth did you find that?

  6. Nicole replied:

    Looks fab, what great dark colours and a bit grungy feel, love it 😉

  7. Belinda replied:

    no surprise you’re excited, you got me into it. sheesh, is that really a private stencil or a stamp? awesome, and that woan stamp!!! did i mention that i have the postcard? bought it a few years ago back in munich …

  8. Joy Logan replied:

    Oh I do love mail art also. If you want to swap notify me anytime. I love swapping mail art!

  9. Penny Stuart replied:

    Love your envy! The “Private” is too cool! Is it a stamp? Also, love the “Mail Art” with the white outlines, really makes the art stand out! That is so cool that you create so many envies to mail to friends. I am quite boring as I always forget!

  10. Ingrid Dijkers replied:

    these envelopes of yours are outstanding! Just love the stencils!

  11. Dymphie replied:

    Love the fancy look of your envelope!

  12. Chandra replied:

    Hi Tina,
    I love your envies, and your journal pages–oh my!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. elizabeth bunsen replied:

    isn’t this so fun?

    xox – eb.

  14. stampingwitch replied:

    wonderful mystic background!

  15. Kim Tedrow replied:

    Love it, love the image of the woman in that form, how you’ve taken something familiar and made it new to me…awesome! -Kim

  16. Shirley replied:

    Hi Tina!
    Your mail art rocks!!! I hope you are doing well 🙂

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