Wednesday Stamper

Belinda is away so it is my turn to set the theme for Wednesday Stamper. This one was easy since we decided to have an open theme due to everyone’s hectic summer schedule. This is a tag I made, another thing I do when I don’t have anything specific in mind. They come in handy at some point.wednesday-stamper-july-18-2007.jpg

July 18, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 21 comments.

More journal pages

Here is one I worked on yesterday; no real theme in mind, just playing. It is nice not to have deadlines for a

July 16, 2007. Journal pages. 6 comments.


I made this page for a circles prompt on JustArtJournals which is a new group for journaling fiends!LOL. Yes that is my latest stencil. What can I say? I blame Michelle! circles.jpg

July 12, 2007. Journal pages. 4 comments.

Mail art

Here is another envy I came up with this weekend. I am planning on mailing this out although I put some flat bingo chips on the outside which I am sure the franking machines will not like so I may have to put it in a clear envy to protect it. Its a bit wild but I was having a bit of a wild day!LOL. Boy was it hot today. Nuff

July 8, 2007. Envelopes. 9 comments.

GPP Street Team

I was sooooo excited when I saw Michelle’s crusade for this month. MAIL ART!!!!! Can you just believe it?? Well check out the archives for some of my postcards and envelopes; mail art is not new, but for some reason I moved on from an atc phase to a mail art phase and I am having a blast. I think there is nothing nicer than seeing that cool decorated envy or postcard in a pile of junk mail. I try never to send out bare envelopes even if I just plonk a stamp down on it; but I do love to practice background techniques and now spray painting in my journal or on envelopes. So here is one I made to mail out to a friend today; even before I saw the new Crusade. As Michelle would say, how cool is that???LOL


July 6, 2007. Envelopes. 16 comments.