What can I say? They are among my new favourite things to make. Love sending em out in the mail and I am getting braver and sending them as is. I can’t seem to part with this one.



June 29, 2007. Postcards.


  1. Belinda replied:

    you got my address! hehe postcards are fun, but i have fabric piles everywhere!! i’d keep it as well. maybe a fabric postcard? glad you behaved yourself with the circles! looks fab. hey, there might eventually be a starbucks in my hometown trier just across the border. lux is too lame!! 🙂

  2. janet replied:

    This is my first visit to your blog and I must say I LOVE your artwork! Your postcards are gorgeous.

  3. Sally Turlington replied:

    YUMMY!! Tina, no wonder you can’t part with this — I couldn’t either! Hey, you have my address, too! LOL. This is gorgeous and so is the envelope you sent to me! I’ve posted about the one I got on my blog — with pictures… go take a look …… I assumed it was ok to post it ‘cuz you had already shared it. You are such a talent with all this. I love your art and meant every word I posted about ya. I’ll swap with you anytime!

  4. Hanna replied:

    Postcard is a nice format to work on, and I think you are doing the right thing to keep this one and others too!

  5. NancyB replied:

    Tis a gorgeous piece! I don’t think I could part with it either! Lovely work you have!

  6. Pilar Pollock replied:

    Beautiful! I find some of my best work is when I am noodling with decorating an envie. Can’t see more of your work to come!

  7. Marilyn Rock replied:

    Tina! Your mail art is awesomely stunning! Love that stamp and your background with her! Gorgeous!

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