I finally finished off the last envelope in a recent swap. This will be winging its way out of my door tomorrow!sally.jpg



June 26, 2007. Envelopes.


  1. Jo Wholohan replied:

    Love it Tina, awesome :))

  2. Clau replied:

    Wow, that’s stunning! I really love the rich colours!

  3. Sanja replied:

    wow..absolutely amazing!

  4. Sally Turlington replied:

    Oh, my! Tina! this one is awesome. Yummy colors, fantastic imagery . . . I adore it! — Sure hope it’s winging to my house??? Sally

  5. Rella replied:

    Your work is beautiful as ever Tina. Love seeing it. ~ Rella

  6. Robin Orewiler replied:

    This envelope is so beautiful – I love the colors! I found your blog via Cruscade #10 of Michelle Ward.

  7. herminesplace replied:

    Amazing envelopes!

  8. Marie replied:

    it’s very nice !

  9. patsy paterno replied:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Very inspiring!this is my first time to visit your blog and I must say i am enjoying it immensely! :^)

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