Wednesday Stamper Eggs

I never make Easter cards and eggs are usually not my thing, but how can you resist a challenge. Check out Wednesday Stamper to see all the fab things people do with eggs; I especially laughed at Belinda’s very creative use of an egg.

Here is my attempt; like I said, I don’t do eggs very much!


June 20, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. gabybraun replied:

    This stamps are really nice!

  2. Silvia replied:

    Great idea. Looks wonderful.

  3. Enidan replied:

    Wonderful! Great Background!

  4. Sanja replied:

    I love your background!!!!great work!

  5. Ulla replied:

    Great composition!

  6. Belinda replied:

    hey dito dito dito!!! love your egg-sy bird shrines!! and gpp stamps 😉

  7. Maggie Ann replied:

    I like what you’ve done here with colors on your collage &…’my wings are untouched’ is a great thought! =)

  8. Rein. replied:

    looks wonderful!

  9. herminesplace replied:

    Really love your style. Great work.

  10. saray replied:

    Wow, love it! Great work!!

  11. Linda M replied:

    Delicious piece!

  12. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is lovely. Those colors are so fun and i love the eggs :o)

  13. Xela replied:

    Wow really great work!

  14. johanna replied:

    you blow me away!! that is exactly my taste!!

  15. Benshirin replied:

    It’s like belindas style and it looks great, like your card very much!

  16. Debbi Baker replied:

    Great colour and texture Tina! Very inventive. Debbi B

  17. Cora replied:

    Wow, I love all the texture and distressing. This is lovely.

  18. Petra Tillmann replied:

    I like this one very much. Great colours!

  19. Barbara replied:

    I really like your thinking on this piece, and love the colors

  20. Natalie Briney replied:

    I lOVE this!!! As always your colours are just fantastic and your composition is just right…. Lovely work.

  21. Sija replied:

    Great work!

  22. Jo Wholohan replied:

    LOVE LOVE this tina!!!! love the way you have put it together everything :))

  23. Enjoy replied:

    really great composition – i like the colors!

  24. moni replied:

    super schön geworden
    gruß Moni

  25. Kathy Mc replied:

    I love what you did. The colors are great.

  26. Nancy Maxwell James replied:

    love the vibrant colors and the birds stamped out on the eggs!

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