Here is what I will be mailing off to Chyrsti today for her doodle atc swap. I found it quite fascinating! I have to try doodle in my journal a bit more because it is so therapeutic; no theme just doodle away.doodle-swap.jpg


June 2, 2007. ATC's.


  1. Hope Clinchot replied:

    Hi Tina…these are great! love all the bright colours and designs. Isn’t doodling lots of fun?? I’m addicted to swirls! 🙂

    BTW…did you receive a PC from me??? hope so. I have more to mail but want to make sure I’m mailing to a correct address.

    Have a fun weekend!! We are still painting the house…sigh. Will be glad when all this home improvement stuff is finished and I can RELAX! LOL

  2. ro bruhn replied:

    These are lovely especially the magenta one, I love your doodling from your previous post too.

  3. Hermine replied:

    Both are gorgeous, stunning backgrounds!!

  4. Rella replied:

    Your postcards are fabulous….isn’t it funny how cool projects emerge when you least expect it or are supposed to be doing something else?
    Best ~ Rella

  5. Denise replied:

    Fabolous site. I have added you to my favorite links on my blog site 🙂

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