What can I say? They are among my new favourite things to make. Love sending em out in the mail and I am getting braver and sending them as is. I can’t seem to part with this one.


June 29, 2007. Postcards. 7 comments.


I made this page for a rr I am in. The theme is circles which y’all know is one of my things. I held back and did not go too crazy with the circles! LOLtricia.jpg

June 29, 2007. Miscellanous. 5 comments.

Wednesday Stamper Hats

It was my turn to set the theme this week and I was having a rather lame week so this was what I came up with. I did challenge myself to step out of my box just a little so I choose muted colors; I wanted to add some wit but failed miserably. My first few attempts will find their way into my journal.


June 27, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 35 comments.


I finally finished off the last envelope in a recent swap. This will be winging its way out of my door tomorrow!sally.jpg


June 26, 2007. Envelopes. 9 comments.

Wednesday Stamper Eggs

I never make Easter cards and eggs are usually not my thing, but how can you resist a challenge. Check out Wednesday Stamper to see all the fab things people do with eggs; I especially laughed at Belinda’s very creative use of an egg.

Here is my attempt; like I said, I don’t do eggs very much!


June 20, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 26 comments.

Wednesday Stamper Week ??

Boy Wednesday Stamper has been running for almost a year. I set this week’s theme which is Polka Dots. Anja raised a brilliant question. Where does a normal dot end and polka dot begin?? This brought a smile to my face. Food for thought! I guess I think as polka dots as many same sized dots. polka-dots.jpg

June 13, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 31 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

Here is a journal entry I made using the same stylized flowers in the tag from GreenPepperPress; my absolute fave stamp company.

June 12, 2007. Journal pages, Wednesday Stamper. 12 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is flowers and I am just so glad I got a chance to play. I have always loved tags and tend to put them in my journal these days. I used a Greenpepper Press stylized flower in the background.

June 10, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 20 comments.

More postcards

Don’t know why I was making postcards again today. There are so many other things I should be doing!!! Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. 2 lucky people will have these brightening up their mailboxes this week!!


June 3, 2007. Miscellanous. 7 comments.


Here is what I will be mailing off to Chyrsti today for her doodle atc swap. I found it quite fascinating! I have to try doodle in my journal a bit more because it is so therapeutic; no theme just doodle away.doodle-swap.jpg

June 2, 2007. ATC's. 5 comments.

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