Wednesday Stamper

This weeks theme is a one that I am glad to revisit. I love how the challenge makes me dig out some of my old, forgotten yet much lovedgames.jpg stamps.


May 27, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Hermine replied:

    Gorgeous, great idea!!

  2. Angelika replied:

    Fantastic. love it.

  3. Sanny replied:

    Wow, this is beautiful, love the background!

  4. Dymphie replied:

    Wonderful! Love the images and colours you choose.

  5. johanna replied:

    love it! and the background is great!

  6. Silvia Duda replied:

    Great work. Love the image.

  7. Dani D replied:

    great idea

  8. Marion replied:

    Something different and lovely.

  9. Anne Swinkels replied:

    prachtige kaart, met deze mooi kleuren in de achtergrond!!

  10. gillian replied:

    great art work, lovely colour mix and super images.

  11. Annette replied:

    Fabulous! Love the images and the way you have blended them into a fine piece of artwork.

  12. gillian H replied:

    oooohhh… this is FABULOUS!!! love it!

  13. Sija replied:

    Very nice!

  14. tricia scott replied:

    hi tina, i just found your site through the shapeshifters round robin group. my hubby just left the house on his way to the post office with my circle book in his hands. 🙂 he was rushing me however so i didn’t have time to stick in a note to say hi.

    your work is wonderful! i can’t wait to see what you come up with for the circle book. 🙂

    is it ok if i list your blog in ones i visit?


  15. lia replied:

    Hi Tina! write me when you get a chance. Oh, I’m lovin’ what you’ve been doing here. All of it is fabulous. you are definitely one of my fave artists! and you are a sweetie to boot!! 🙂 We have to get together this summer!!! If you can’t teach me to stamp, no one can. I totally suck at it. I want to do some inchies with stamps though..thinking about it. WEll, enough about me, again, I’m lovin’ your blog and art! xoxoxo Lia

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