More play time

I made this postcard for a friend. for-hope.jpg


May 24, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. Hermine replied:

    Gorgeous background, great colors. lovely image. Love it!

  2. Penny Stuart replied:

    Wowza…what a wonderful package! What a bundle of fun…..looks like you’ve got lots to play with! The wrapping paper is too cool! Don’tcha just love the rubber, the guitar picks…the stenciled paper and tags! Tres Chic!

  3. Hope Clinchot replied:

    And I am the lucky recipient!!!!!
    Thanks, Tina….this arrived in yesterday’s mail! What a beautiful little PC. I love the background….colour and texture are cool. This will definitely brighten up my art room!! 🙂 (btw, yes…we still have the pool, wish you still lived close by…we could take a dip! Jess and Amber say “hello”) Thanks again for the mailart! Oh…and I sent you a little surprise. Miss ya!!! Hope

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