Wednesday Stamper


I did a bit of research this week for the current theme on Wednesday Stamper. Here is what wikipedia has to say about the fleur de lis in case anyone is interested. I find it an intriguing symbol that I use occasionally. I have always associated it with France but I found this huge stamp recently and I was inspired to bring it center stage rather than using it in the background.

the fleur-de-lis (or fleur-de-lys; plural: fleurs-de-lis) is a stylised design of an iris flower which is used both decoratively and symbolically. It may be purely ornamental or it may be “at one and the same time political, dynastic, artistic, emblematic and symbolic”,[1] especially in heraldry. While it has appeared on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries, the fleur-de-lis is particularly associated with the French monarchy. It is an enduring symbol of France, but, being regarded most notably as the emblem of the monarchy, was not adopted officially by any of the French republics. In North America the fleur-de-lis is often associated with areas formerly settled by France, such as Louisiana and Quebec.

May 15, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Nicole replied:

    Love your piece, fab colours. 😉

  2. Ilonka replied:

    super geworden!

  3. Marion replied:

    Beautiful colours, and I love the fleur´s texture.

  4. Silvia Duda replied:

    Sieht klasse aus. Interessanter Hintergrund.

  5. Rammsteinchen replied:

    sieht unheimlich schön und elegant aus LG alex

  6. Enidan replied:

    Great work! Great colours!

  7. Dymphie replied:

    Wonderful! Love the dimension on the focal one.

  8. Barbara replied:

    So nice and I love that stamp

  9. saray replied:

    Wonderful piece with beautiful colors!

  10. herminesplace replied:

    This is so beautiful. Adore the colours!!

  11. Kaz replied:

    this is stunning, really love this one.

  12. xela replied:

    Wonderful. Love it!

  13. Loona replied:

    love your piece to. beautiful work!!

  14. Linda M replied:

    I like the texture and layers you created. I was impressed with your piece when I first saw it! It is a great inspiration piece for this challenge.

  15. johanna replied:

    it is so beautifully done! love the texture and the colors.

  16. Sija replied:

    Really great!

  17. Maggie Ann replied:

    Your background looks like water color…love it! =)

  18. Hope Clinchot replied:

    Hi, Tina!! Beautiful piece!! hope you’re doing great and settled well in your new job! 🙂

  19. Michelle replied:

    (saturday) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    hope you are having a lovely day!

    xoxo, m

  20. Leni replied:

    very pretty

  21. Anne Swinkels replied:

    Prachtig, met deze mooie kleuren!!

  22. Angelika replied:

    Great job. Beautiful colors.

  23. gillian H replied:

    Hi Tina, this is just so beautiful, I love the depth of colour you have created for the BG.. lovely piece!

  24. traveller2006 replied:

    love the colours in this one

  25. Patti Gramza replied:

    Both of your recent pieces are amazing! Your collage below in turqouise is stunning and I love the feel of it! The different tones and depth it has and the image and feel is soft and lovely! Your fleur is perfect too! Beautiful my friend!

  26. isabelle NORRIS replied:

    Wonderful piece !!

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