Wednesday Stamper

Love Turquoise~!!!!!!! This weeks theme. As you can see from my previous post, it features heavily in my artwork. This is not a new piece but one I love. The background is completely stamped with acrylics(love them too) and there is plenty of stamping randomly all over the piece. Hopefully I will get some play time and come up with a new piece within the week. Isn’t it funny how differently turquoise can be translated? Watch turquoise.jpg this week for all known and unknown versions of turquoise. That is what I love about the challenge.


May 9, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. saray replied:

    Just gorgeous!!!

  2. Loona replied:

    really gorgeous work!

  3. Becky New replied:

    T, this is COOL! I love it! 😀 Tell me …. what exactly is *Wednesday Stamper*?

  4. leni replied:

    very nice.

  5. Marion replied:

    It´s wonderful to explore all those details here, great work.

  6. sabine replied:

    just beautiful, can´t stop looking at it !

  7. zuzu replied:


  8. Dani D replied:

    great work a wonderful collage

  9. Benshirin replied:

    What a gorgeous background, so many details to see, like it very much!

  10. Ilonka replied:

    gorgeous work!

  11. Dymphie replied:

    Wonderful collage!

  12. Nellie replied:

    Gorgeous!! Just love that background. Perfect

  13. Barbara replied:

    So beautiful I can see why you like it.

  14. Natalie Briney replied:

    Fabulous collage!! Hope you get to make some more eye candy!!

  15. Belinda replied:

    oh, what a gorgeous page tina!

  16. Hermine replied:

    This is awesome. Love the little tags.

  17. Silvia Duda replied:

    Fantastic collage.

  18. xela replied:

    Wonderful collage

  19. Enidan replied:

    WOW! Great work

  20. Sija replied:

    Really great, love your collage!

  21. Traveller replied:

    I love the image of the child you have used here, where did you find it?

  22. Yvonne van Kersen replied:


    Great card with lovely colors.

  23. Linda M replied:

    Precious. You are so careful to bring everything together so well from the background to the little details. Lovely.

  24. tina s replied:

    To reply travellers comment, I cannot for the life of me remember where I got that image from. Sorry.

  25. gaby braun replied:

    This card is lovely.

  26. gillian replied:

    great work, wow so much detail

  27. Maggie Ann replied:

    Oh this is fabulous! I could look at it and look some more…=)

  28. gillian H replied:

    Oh this is Breathtaking!!!!! Amazing Piece!

  29. Julie replied:

    Excellent collage!!

  30. johanna replied:

    i´m blown away!!

  31. Kaz replied:

    absolutely stunning work. lovely!!

  32. Nicole replied:

    Wooooow, gorgeous, work love all the details, it is stunning. 😉

  33. katrin replied:

    what a amazing collage and a wonderful turquise!

  34. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is lovely and i love every single detail on it :o)

  35. Cris replied:

    Beuatiful collage!

  36. Angelika replied:

    gorgeous work.

  37. sarah replied:


  38. Jo Wholohan replied:

    This is ssoooooo beautiful Tina!!! Love the layering. What is your tecnique???

    Also sent you an email to join shaperr yahoo group, did you get it???

  39. Gisele replied:

    Love this collage Tina,so much to explore & discover, brilliant layering… keep coming back to admire it & thought I’d left a comment before…obviously hadn’t so am leaving one now LOL

  40. Pattio replied:

    Hi Tina,

    This is gorgeous! You are so good with colour. It is rich and inviting to the eye. Yum Yum

    Hugs Pattio

  41. Mieke replied:

    This is beautiful!! LOVE it!!

  42. Michelle replied:

    i could lick this!

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