Say what?

gppstc7_2.jpgThis month’s challenge on the GPP Street Team is to journal about words, phrases that have meaning within a family or between friends. Check it out!! I have been trying to collect words that I can remember all month long but couldn’t come up with much. I decided to use tags so I can add to my page whenever a word or phrase comes up which usually happens when you are not really thinking about it. I just love Michelle’s challenges. They really get me thinking.



April 28, 2007. Journal pages.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Oh Tina! This is so fun – to see your page, to know you are thinking about your family sayings, to look at all the details, and to see that Crusade banner! You rock girl!

  2. Penny Stuart replied:

    Love, love, love this layout! Don’t ya just love that flower stamp from Christine Adolph? I love your layout, the colors, the textures! But especially your phrases!

    Congrats on your GPP win! Too COOL!

  3. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…fabulous page. I have been trying to think of some sayings but nothing comes to mind. Love the tag idea for when something comes to mind :o)

  4. Patti Gramza replied:

    Great idea Tina and fun with the tags and colors……your background is beautiful too! I love the mumsie,poopsie! Heheheh! I wonder what words I would find for myself! Interesting challenge! Hope all is well with you and the boys!

  5. Crafty Green Poet replied:

    This looks great, the colours are lovely and warm.

  6. carlene replied:

    Congrats on winning this months Crusade! Love your page, and totally love the idea of writing things down on tags as you think of them and adding them in later…I’m totally going to copy-cat you!

  7. Ursula Clamer replied:

    I loive the colours you have used on this page and alsoi think the tag idea is great. Congratulations on the win. Ux

  8. Nicole replied:

    Congrats to the Win of Crusade Number seven. 😉

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