Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is Framed!! I find it so true to life that some themes are just not up your own personal street;  I tried to come up with something innovative, but just struggled all day long with it. I cropped it for the website; it is actually an envelope, so I have left room for an address. I am excited to see some of the innovative ways  players use frames in their rubber stamping.framed.jpg


April 25, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Hermine replied:

    As an evenlope I like it even more. Gorgeous colours.

  2. Lana replied:

    Great idea and thank you!

  3. Rammsteinchen replied:

    Dreamily, I only can say beautifully sorer

  4. Dymphie replied:

    Beautiful envelope. Lucky recipient 🙂

  5. Nicole replied:

    great envelope with great colours, love it. 😉

  6. Natalie Briney replied:

    Gorgeous colours Tina!! Very beautiful. 🙂

  7. Linda Moyes replied:

    Your frame really catches my eye. I like the balance of your piece. I think being able to do that as well as have a lot of “white space” is a gift.

  8. Maggie Ann replied:

    I like this…the colors are dreamy!

  9. justjohanna replied:

    the colors are beautiful. feels very vintage. i used to play dressup in a grand old dress that had been my grandmothers that had faded in splotches almost exactly of these colors.

  10. Paula replied:

    wonderful envelope with great colours.

  11. Donna replied:

    Great envelope and the colours are blended beautifully.

  12. xela replied:


  13. Sija replied:

    Great colors, love your frame work.

  14. Gillian replied:

    lovely piece, colours are lovely

  15. audrey h. replied:

    Tina this is lovely and the colors are gorgeous….looks like waves of color, fabulous.

  16. sarah D replied:

    gorgeous >its stunning and i love it

  17. gillian H replied:

    I love the freedom of this piece… It’s very beautiful, and what a lovely envelope to find in your letterbox.. :o)

  18. Anne Swinkels replied:

    prachtige enveloppe!!

  19. Ilka replied:

    Ich mag Deine Farbwahl sehr! Klasse…

  20. Benshirin replied:

    Tolle Farben!

  21. deb replied:

    this beautiful, so soft/

  22. Nancy James replied:

    beautiful piece Tina. I love the colors!

  23. joanne wardle replied:

    lovely envelope, great colours

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