Wednesday Stamper

This piece is just poking fun at myself; life is so much busier and I don’t always find the time to play.


Edit post; Isn’t that stamp too much fun. I know there are a few people who have asked where it comes from. Cindy put me on to this really cool line of goth stamps by Stamp Oasis. Unfortunately their website is under reconstruction so you can’t seem them straight away. Keep checking back. The stamps are a hoot and sooooooo much fun. The quote is by Zettiology

Edit; I went back and looked at the stamp; it is by Stampotique; Jill Penny and Daniel Torrente collection.  Guess I shoulda looked first!!! Sorry guys.


April 23, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Hermine replied:

    I love it!

  2. Sigrid replied:

    This quote hits the bull’s eye. Wonderful piece!

  3. Dymphie replied:

    That saying is so adequate 🙂 Love your card!

  4. gillian H replied:

    such a Fun & Wonderful piece, love it!

  5. Loona replied:

    so cool. I love it!

  6. Becky New replied:

    Oh I LOVE this!!! Did you draw the image?

  7. Patti Gramza replied:

    Tina, Ok, where is she from! I LOVE her, she makes me giggle, sort of a Nightmare Before Christmas feel to her! Gotta love that! The masking tape and background is gorgeous as is your tag below this posting! I know that BUSY feeling! I hate it, and am here with you on that! Just wanting you to know I am thinking of you sweetie! Hugs,Patti

  8. johanna replied:

    yes, tell the source, please! this stamp is too much fun!! textstamp below as well, so true…
    love that card, tina!

  9. Michelle replied:

    tina – dynamite quote! love your chick. i have one of the goth girls too…keep forgetting to use her. pulling her out tonight. the tape and the stitches – great detail.

  10. saray replied:

    Wonderful, Tina! Love it!!

  11. Nancy James replied:

    this is just beautiful Tina!
    I love it!

  12. christine replied:

    Ooooh — very cool — I love the stamp! And the quote is soooo true…sigh…..

  13. Crafty Green Poet replied:

    This is excellent and I’ll keep checking Stamp Oasis!

  14. Cindy (Rella) replied:

    Ohhhhhh, you did such a fun piece with that image…..I’m glad you saw she was from Stampotique. Did you get all the girls?? I think I have three at this point. Too much fun. Take care and come “see me”….hugs ~ Cindy – Rella

  15. Doldetheseeld replied:

    I read some of the posts and I think it is a great blog. I like to show off my hopeful limit Do you want a fresh joke from net? What goes “klip klop, klip klop, klip klop, BANG!!”? An Amish drive-by shooting.

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