Journal pages

journal-page-april-20-2007.jpgjournal-page-keep-searching.jpgI have been into journaling for a while but only post ‘ nice ‘ pages. I am getting a bit more extreme with my journaling(LOL) after getting WIDE OPEN by Randi Feuerheim Watts which I love!!! Also at Lia’s insistence (check out her wonderful blog) I am getting less concerned about what it looks like, and just journaling. I find it a great pastime for waiting in cars which I seem to be doing more and more these days now the weather is improving and the kids are out doing one thing or another.


April 20, 2007. Journal pages.


  1. lia replied:

    Oh, these are AWESOME Tina! I wish I knew how to rubberstamp! I totally stink at it!!! I love all the color you have here! Oh, I got Wide Open also a few days ago!! I’m thrilled to have it and will be able to read more of the cards this w/e. talk to you soon, xo Lia

  2. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…i think the pages look great and it’s great to stay true to yourself and what you create. Keep showing your pages…love them :o)

  3. Michelle replied:

    loving loving loving these!

  4. Hermine replied:


  5. Laurie replied:

    Wow Tina, I really love these pages – so cool! Love all the different colors!

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