Junk bag

Kelly Kilmer posted her junk bag today which looks strangely a lot like mine so I thought it would be fun to post mine. I carry around journaling stuff in mine and it has turned out to be quite handy. My kids know what to look for when I say ‘can you get my junk bag’!!!LOL They think I am kookie for carrying it all over the place. I have twinkling h2o’s, watercolor crayons and pencils, a waterbrush, honey bee scissors and every type of Sakura gel pen known to man, so I had to choose my faves for my bag. They tend to be the souffle and embossing ones. I am also in love with the sharpie poster paint pens; these give a bright sharp line and can write over almost( not quite) everything. I also have some pastels in the oil pastels in the baggie which I love but they are tough to write over!! Thanks Kelly for the inspiration. Do you have a junk bag?my-junk-bag-1.jpg


April 15, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. audrey h. replied:

    No, i don’t have a junk bag but after seeing yours i think i need to get one together :o)

  2. Belinda replied:

    oh my, i want one!!! not sure if i could fit all my fave stuff in there since i have them in jars or their original container such as oil crayons etc. this looks just perfect. did you get it online :))))))

  3. Belinda replied:

    may first i’ll be off! can’t wait to sit on the plane, although the weather there is dreadful now. we have summer here already! the image might be ad, maybe not? i remember i grabbed a lot of the images since i liked to many … it’s out on my table now 🙂

  4. JoAnnA replied:

    Hi Tina,
    I have been trying to find Tina Shoaga who created a beautiful page in my “Breast Friends” book. If this is you, could you email me so I can thank you personally if this is you.
    Thank you,

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