New art

I made this postcard and atc to send out to a couple of friends who are having a rough time. I hope they brighten up their worlds.postcard.jpgatc-for-betty-april-6-2007.jpg


April 6, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. deb replied:

    these are both stunning.

  2. Dymphie replied:

    Very pretty, your friends will be delighted finding these in their mailbox!

  3. Jo Wholohan replied:

    have sent you an email Tina. Did it go through??? Can also email me at

    Your charms were sent thursday :))

  4. Laurie replied:

    Tina – wow – these are really neat – love all the background stamping!

  5. Loona replied:

    wow…these are realy,realy wonderful.I love it!!!!

  6. Belinda replied:

    Happy Easter Tina!!

  7. gillian replied:

    Absolutely Brilliant!…

  8. audrey h. replied:

    These are beautiful…your friends will love them :o)

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