Wednesday Stamper

This week’s theme is another of my favorites; I really try not to send out naked envelopes although it requires some planning and sometimes there just isn’t enough time!! As with all things…envelope.jpg


April 4, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Leni replied:

    very pretty!
    wonderful girl stamp.

  2. Rein. replied:

    Wonderful, love the color choices!

  3. johanna replied:

    this is absolutely brilliant!!!

  4. saray replied:

    Wonderful piece, great colors!!

  5. sarah replied:

    Stunning!! I love the colours. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hermine replied:

    GORGEOUS!! Really love the colors and rubber stamp images.

  7. Dymphie replied:

    Amazing work!

  8. Paula replied:

    wonderful piece… the colour combination.

  9. Nicole Z. replied:

    Wonderful work, really love it. 😉

  10. Jo Capper-Sandon replied:

    Gorgeous colour. Beautiful.

  11. Lana replied:

    So pretty!

  12. zuzu replied:

    I love the colours ..

  13. Joyce B replied:

    Tina this is wonderful.
    Great color choices.

  14. Maggie Ann replied:

    Just beautiful!!!

  15. shona replied:

    Love these colors, thanks for the great idea

  16. Isabelle NORRIS replied:

    gorgeous colors !!

  17. Kae replied:

    So pretty!

  18. Rammsteinchen replied:

    very beautiful idea in very beautiful colors

  19. gillian replied:

    Oh I love this…It’s so Gorgeous!

  20. Sylvia replied:

    wonderful colors!! really beautiful composition

  21. Wendy - Anntaurus replied:

    Just gorgeous!

  22. Benshirin replied:

    Such wonderful colours and I love this dirty look, great artwork!

  23. Loona replied:

    gorgeous envelope!!!!!!

  24. sarah replied:

    I love it the colours are stunning!!!

  25. Nellie replied:

    Gorgeous! What a perfect choice of colour

  26. Silvia Duda replied:

    It’s great, love the colors.

  27. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is stunning and loved it as soon as i saw it on the frontpage of WS :o)

  28. joanne wardle replied:

    beautiful, especially the background colours

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