Wednesday Stamper

I couldn’t pass up this weird stamp by Stampers Anonymous when I saw it. eyes2.jpg


March 24, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Leni replied:

    very pretty!

  2. gillian replied:

    Oh I wouldn’t be able to pass on this either… Wonderfully imaginitive it!

  3. Nicole Z. replied:

    Great stamp, love this card. 😉

  4. Xela replied:

    Wonderful !

  5. Dani D replied:

    great love your BG

  6. Benshirin replied:

    Very nice combination, looks great!

  7. Nancy Dooren replied:

    Wow!!!! great work!!

  8. saray replied:

    Great! Wonderful background!

  9. Linda replied:

    The stamp is awesome and my fav # 3!!!! love it!!!Hugs Linda

  10. Hermine replied:

    Gorgeous. Love your background and great eye stamp.

  11. Silvia replied:

    That’s wonderful. Love the background.

  12. Joyce replied:

    Love the background on this, and that is a weird stamp but fun.

  13. Ilka replied:

    Very nice!!!!!!

  14. Belinda replied:

    cool stamp! is that a new one????

  15. shona replied:

    using spray paint is very cutting edge, looks awesome

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