I have been meaning to do this all month. Better late than never. My response to this month’s Greenpepperpress Street Team challenge.collections1.jpg

March 29, 2007. Journal pages. 8 comments.


I love playing around with tags when I am feeling less than inspired to do anything ‘real’. I made this using some spray colors. tag.jpg

March 29, 2007. Tags. 2 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

I couldn’t pass up this weird stamp by Stampers Anonymous when I saw it. eyes2.jpg

March 24, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 15 comments.

Playing around

I got up this morning with the intention of trying to spend some time amongst my ‘stuff’ to try and get inspired. It worked!! I finished off this piece which was languishing on my table. This is one of my fave stamps from Lynne Perrella’sclown-2.jpg line.

March 24, 2007. Miscellanous. 7 comments.

Wednesday Stamper

Thanks to all of you for your concern. I have been fighting since I got ill to find some creative energy and haven’t really been in the mood for art. I made this atc for Wednesday Stamper. It was nice to pick up a stamp again after quite a while. I know it has been said many times, but just getting into your art space and playing around with bits and pieces can provide the spark you need.This happens to be another favorite stamp which I was pleasantly surprised to rediscover recently.eyes-march-21.jpg

March 21, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 30 comments.

Feeling good

Yes I am and I am loving this new version of a fave song by Randy Crawford and the wickedly talented Joe Sample. Check it out.

March 12, 2007. Miscellanous. 2 comments.

Thank you and Wednesday Stamper

I must say thanks to all of you for your good wishes. I am back in the land of the living and it is the only place to be. I am almost back to normal and what a relief. I even wandered into my art room today and played around with the theme for Wednesday stamper. Thanks to Hermine for stepping up and helping out with the upcoming theme I was responsible for.
I have never really tried making anything WHITE so this was certainly a challenge for me… I have always loved a challenge though so here is my offering. I was inspired by Claudia Roulier’s recent article in Somerset.white.jpg

March 11, 2007. Miscellanous, Wednesday Stamper. 16 comments.


Just got out of hospital; the flu turned to pneumonia and I am still sick. Treasure good health; don’t wait until you don’t have it to appreciate what a blessing good health is.

March 5, 2007. Wednesday Stamper. 7 comments.